This Sins of a Solar Empire modification brings the various Stargate franchises into the fold. Choose your race as the Tau'ri, Asurans, Goa'uld, Wraith, or Asgard. Build your empire, research technology, command mighty warships, engage in diplomacy, make allies and trade. The Invasion has begun...

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That time again, this time for the Wraith Showcase.

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Greetings everyone, we hope you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year ahead of us, We certainly are, with the PBR rework coming to an end and all future textures and models using it, Wraith has been made available, still requiring some Balance and reworks to gameplay features.


SGI is available as a GitHub repository. These files are public and can be downloaded or synced freely, even without a GitHub account. Our experience with GitHub has been very positive so far.

In general, please refrain from attempting to push changes to the server. Instead, contact us on Discord to let us know what you have in mind.

Link: GitHub Repository

Link: Instructions For Installing / Syncing The Mod Via GitHub

Current Faction Release Order & Roles

The order may change but we'll keep this section updated if it does.


  1. Tau'ri (Enabled)
  2. Asuran (Enabled)
  3. Goa'uld (Enabled)
  4. Wraith (Enabled - Official release date to be determined)
  5. Asgard (Disabled -release date to be determined)

Not Playable:

  • Travellers
    • Multiple possible roles - Events, Neutral Planet Fleets, Outlaw Sectors Fleets
    • Currently under development - 5 ship designs so far including original Traveller ship from the show as a high detail model.
  • SG1 Replicators
    • Pirate Faction
    • Concurrent development with other factions starting sometime next year.
  • Ori
    • Event, still in need of finalisation
    • Official Release date to be determined.

ScreenShot 23

The Wraith are a tough Race, with high armour and hull but lack the shields

ScreenShot 24

The Wraith Bring a lot of firepower to their battles and have a large compliment of Darts to back them up,

Full Showcase

Viking has once again brought you a full Showcase of the entire roster of vessels and structures that are currently in game.

Check it out here

Casting Voice Actors

This is the first time we have considered this, however we are casting for Voice actors for the Wraith voices, we are looking for Male and Female Voice actors, instruction on how to get involved are available in Vikings video or you can follow this link,

We appreciate all the support our fans provide us and we endeavour to make a mod that we can all love to play, until next time SGI mod team Signing off.


In the video it said about the number of darts dropping and for lag reasons i fully understand however given that in the show the wraith used darts more than any other ship to counter there reduced number of darts will you be making the darts you do deploy tougher to stay true to the way the wraith are portrayed in the show

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So happy to see an update.
The wraith look amazing guys!!

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I seriously wonder if anybody tested the Wraith, and were they high at the time?
No, seriously, the Wraith are so overpowered at this point that they stomp everyone except when outnumbered by ultra-advanced Tauri heroes/capital ships.
And when you give so many fighters to them, why give them bombers on the top of that.
And don't even get me started on the abilities and the Coldamer(or wtf is it called) superhive(cause it is) which is supposed to be powered by a ZPM!!! HOW IN THE HELL??? Who the f*ck thought this would make any sense in the context of SGA?!
And I ask again, were they high at the time?

PS.: I really hope you guys will fix this ******** in the release.

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Did you watch the shows final ? The wraith did have this kind of ship and it was imba

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Well done People. G R E A T work :-D.

I'm looking forward to try out The Wraith for my-self.

Still: I MY Opinoin You should go Your own ways with Your own engine, so You can free Your-self from the limitations of SoaSE - or free Your-self from limitations of The Iron-Engine.

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