Stargate Atlantis, the city of the Ancients, finally released as a map for Jedi Academy. If you really want to know something about this map, check the screenshots or the web site !!! Download from MEGAUPLOAD.COM !!! Here's some basic information: This map represents the control room of Atlantis, with active Stargate, briefing room, the main computer (console), and of course the Jumper Bay. You can also use the gate to go offworld, but you'll find the other planet just - small. Every model, texture and sound in this map was created by myself. MAP is for MP only! Filesize: 8.234 kB mapname: ck_atlantis2 Installation - extract the .pk3 file to your JKA 'base' folder. Then just run the game and select the map from the list, or type "devmap ck_atlantis2" into your console. Enjoy this map. You can download from the MOD homepage.

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