Overpopulation on Earth and a severe lack of resources led to a global crisis without precedents in the history of mankind. New technologies have allowed numerous advances and have provided us with different ways of exploiting natural resources for generations. But we seemed to forget that everything has a price, and always something has to give... After it all became critical, the remaining nations of the world created the Global Governments Alliance, which pushed forward a Space Colonization Project, being the S.T.A.R. 1088 Harvester Spaceship a part of it. However, its fate becomes compromised when something crashes against the hull causing a global system failure, rendering the whole spaceship inoperational and out of control, leaving everybody stranded under a complete lockdown. Prepare for an unforgiving journey across 'the mother of all ships' while struggling against the odds to send a signal in hopes help arrives.

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After 8 months of nothing new, S.T.A.R. 1088 returns once again with outstanding progress. Check it out!

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Hello there everyone!

Many awesome and unbelievable things have been going on lately after almost eight months of nothing new in this profile.

This seventh update will cover these past months letting all of you know about the progress this project has seen since then.

But first there's this question I've been asked the most, why have I been out so much time, and why no updates in such a long time? ->
I've been asked about the status of the project quite a few times.
Well unfortunately life issues have been tightening my workflow, thus slowing things down a bit. Hard bussiness outside, problems inside, not much spare time to actually work at a stable rate.
This however doesn't mean I haven't been working! On the contrary, the project has seen incredible progress since the last update the past year. So much has been going on, that most of it probably won't make it into this article.

P A R T 1:

What have I learnt so far...
This section is intended to provide an idea of what has been going on internally with the project.

C++ programming and incredibly improved overall game behaviour ->
About five months ago, I finally got round to get into programming and its advantages.
Almost each and every script function has now been moved into the game code, with the exception of the Interaction function, which is still handled via the DoomScript system.
In the future, I may as well move the whole Interaction feature to the code to finally "clean" the scripts once and for all.
At the moment, not only there's more free memory, but there are also plenty of additions to those already existent functions as well as brand new characteristics. There's still a lot of work to do with the code, and the project is in its deep development stages.

Modelling: The weapons... ->
Before proceeding, I'd like to give credits and my sincere thank you to @bladeghost for the pistol model he made exclusively for this project. It's always a pleasure to work with this guy.
At the present time, there are three fully functional weapons, two of which I modelled in 3D Studio Max, being the third one the aforementioned pistol. The modelling process is the most time consuming, but highly rewarding so far. The method is pretty much the one every game developer follows. High poly mesh, Low poly mesh, UV mapping, Normal mapping and texturing. Once the model's ready, it is rigged and finally brought to life with animations.
Later on, the models are polished and exported to the game. It is not an easy process (specially the animation part), but the results I'm getting so far are keeping me satisfied.

A render of the low poly pistol

Pistol Unloaded / Normal

A render of the high poly shotgun in its early stages (Non textured version)


Pistol (Full Size)
Shotgun (Full Size)

Animations: Because they're 90% of a weapon. ->
Yes, the animations are certainly most of what makes up a gun view model.
For said reason, I aim for a balance between realism and look. Please notice that realism refers to timing of movements, hand orientation/position and weapon behaviour.
Why not a video?

P A R T 2:

Deeper into some of the game features...
The second section of this article provides specific info about some of the many new aspects of the game.

The S.T.A.R. 1088 Store Network ->
Over three hundred lines of code make up the S.T.A.R 1088 Store Network, and it's yet to be completed. There are many more characteristics on the way.
But what is the Store Network in the game?
All along the ship, you'll eventually come across Store Terminals, small cabins where you'll be able to buy anything from medical attention to ammunition, weapons, a wide variety of items, full slots of an ammo type, ammo packs and more.
But in order to be able to buy anything, you must count with the one and only currency accepted aboard: Electronic Credit Cards (ECC's) each marked with a different denomination, being the latter displayed through a cyan screen. These are a key element for you to perform your shopping.
As you run out of credits, the system will disable those items you can't afford, while leaving the ones you can still buy.
The Store interface is divided by categories and types. There are three different categories of items available (These being Items, Weapons and Ammunition) whereas the different types depend on which category has been selected.

Items (Category) -> Health (Type) -> List

You can also view the FULL SIZE image.

Reading notes, background story telling->
Every once in a while, you'll find pieces of paper scattered everywhere: Lying on the floor, on tables, or even sticked to the walls or other objects.
These can be divided in two types based on what kind of information they actually provide, which can also be recognized in real life: Articles / Notes.
The articles usually describe secondary story events that not only enhance the way the whole story is perceived by the players, but also act as secondary story tellers. Unlike these, notes contain other not so substancial information in terms of story, but instead are meant to provide data only useful for a specific situation.

P A R T 3 :

The maps, and what has been done in the meanwhile...
As I must have mentioned before, mapping is by far the most complicated and time consuming field there is to be, specially being maps for S.T.A.R 1088.
In all seriousness, there's a lot of things to take care of: Story telling, scene representation, all kinds of details, lightning, polishing, optimization, entity placement, and even realism when it's due.
All this combined together is basically what the mapping process consists of.
And it's not precisely something you would do in one day! It takes time, a lot of time. Many hours for a single section, entire days to even be a quarter through a map, and even months to finally complete a level. After that, there's the final polishing and optimization side of things, where every single square inch of a map is explored in search of any bugs or inconsistencies that might have remained. After all this huge process, a map can be considered ready.
With all this, the first level has seen a lot of progress. I ensured that all that's been built so far was polished and looking fine for it to be considered in its playable state.

P A R T 4 :

Questions and Answers...
We are getting closer to the end of this article, but before finishing I'd like to let you know that
the FAQ has been updated.
I've addressed a few questions that arrived to my inbox during my time out.
If you haven't, take a look at the FAQ article.

So we made it to the end of this article.
If you liked this, please track this project , it helps development a lot.
Please, share this with any other fellow players!
If you want to help spread the word, please help me do so by posting links to this article in other Doom websites you may know! This way we can make S.T.A.R 1088 be known by more players.

Until then, thanks for reading!


Wow. This looks so good! The store feature reminds me a bit of Dead Space. The weapon animations in the video look really professional and realistic! This may yet be one of the greatest mods fot D3. Keep up the good work!

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CED2011 Author

Thanks for the comment! :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

It is always good to see some progress even after so much time passed :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
CED2011 Author

Life isn't very forgiving. Time's sometimes scarce. I'm doing all I can to handle this on my own, it's a difficult task and hopefully you can appreciate the hard work that's being done here.
Thanks for your comment man :)

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yes its good to hear some news, but not much progress. The dev says there alot of progress made but hasn't revealed much.

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CED2011 Author

It's always necessary to find a balance between what can be shown and what can't. In this particular case, progress does not precisely mean mapping progress, which I would say is the most significant. I haven't shown any new map sections yet. There are, but they haven't gone through polishing, and I personally do not like to upload unpolished scenes, at least taking into account what I mean by "polished". It takes time, I will be updating again, so actual map progress won't lack.
However, progress can also extend to other non-mapping fields. The amount of coding done so far is pretty difficult to describe with words. I wouldn't like to write a list of all the single new features, as that would be redundant and simply unnecessary. The weapon models, the animations, the scripts, even the User Interfaces, they all count as progress, but then again remember about the small diference between "internal" and "public".
Leaving this aside, thanks for checking this out, there will be more content being uploaded here on and off.
Thank you :)

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So you will not be using the GPL source to make this standalone? That's a bit of a shame as there are several really good ports of Doom 3 that run really well on non-Windows and non-x86 platforms.

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CED2011 Author

It's still being considered, the fact of a standalone release. At the moment, there are several drawbacks to think about directly releasing a standalone game. It is not a NO, but it's nothing I can make promises about.
Currently, this is being built as a Doom 3 child.
Thank you for the comment and your interest, please know this is a topic that's present and that's highly being considered.

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Glad things are progressing, it all looks great, the amount of work you have done on this is staggering. Still enjoying the asset pack for Doom3 you released, very tough and very enjoyable.
I have a feeling this will be outstanding.

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Ah yes, he's back! Good to see you're still working on this little beauty. The new systems are cool, I personally love the notes you can pick up. Really immerses you into the storyline I'd say. The shop is a cool idea too. Keep it up man, some of us are silent but we all want to see you finish this!

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