Star Wars mod for Homeworld 2 now includes clone wars ships still in beta stages Think total annihilation and you'll know where the inspiration for the scope came from. Over 100 Star Wars ships taken from the entirety of official SW material (will not include fan created ships except in specific circumstances where gameplay requires a role to be filled) Most of the information is based off of star wars technical commentaries and many of the new ships are an attempt to catelogue the ships in dark empire Has settings for various SW eras and unit selection.

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Homeworld Remastered

Homeworld Remastered

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The good news is almost all of the ships work in Homeworld Remastered. The bad news is there a lot of random bugs introduced by the new engine. The initial...

[ModDB] The page has been edited

[ModDB] The page has been edited

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We wanted to inform you several edited things. The first one is that the page named "Starwars Warlords 0.60" has been deleted from our services and the...

0.60 test version out


This new version contains all of the ships in 0.45 (you can toggle between them by omitting the oldships.big file from the shortcut) as well as a lot...

SW:warlords needs help


I will be starting a large project at work that will occupy most of my time this means that for at least the next 3-4 months I will be unable to work...

forums and updates


site forums added at patch being released for .56 test 4 first week in November Clone wars units will be readded soon

Star Wars: Warlords Micro Release


The Micro Release will form the core of a completely reworked warlords. It has only a small set of ships (Mainly the classic movie ships) but will be...

Warlords 0.5 test release 3


0.5 test 3 will be up within the next 8 hours (11/18/05) so check the chat channel for a link this release cleans up a lot of issues, primarily 1)ship...

Clone Wars 0.91 release

News 2 comments

This is a more polished and balanced release of the Clone wars mod. it is a standalone version and doesn't require warlords.

0.40 pre release

News 3 comments

0.40 prerelease uploaded, grab it

Star Wars: Warlords V0.30 released

News 5 comments

Star Wars: Warlords Beta 0.30 for Homeworld 2 released! grab the installer here.



website address change, a few other updates, major improvments in maps

version v.29


version BETA 0.29 has been released, there is a problem with the shortcuts that wil be fixed soon, the quick solution is to replace the dashes in the...

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