Battle through the Star Wars Saga from the Beginning of the galaxy to the End of the Legacy Era, with over 10 fractions like the Old Republic, the Galactic Republic, the Sith and much more! Using your favourite ships and ground troops to conquer the galaxy like the Malevolence and it's devastating ion cannon, Delta Squad , the Executor and much more!

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Hello everyone and welcome to our July Update. Lets get started.

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We have a big surpise for you. We have decided to release a bonus packs of galactic conquest missions that are new. Here are the titles: Star Wars The Force Unleased Pack and Star Wars The Force Unleased II Pack. Sounds exciting, right?

If you haven't noticed yet, we have decided to release a modders only map pack. It contains maps for Galactic Conquest ONLY. Here is the download link fast and easy:

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