The title of the mod under development is called "Star Wars: Rise of the Shadows." The mod is somewhat based off a fictional timeline setting in the Star Wars universe between Episode 4: A New Hope and Episode 6: Return of the Jedi, but mainly between Episodes 4 & 5. Basically the characters in the mod are involved in a plot revolving around a recently formed Consortium of Criminal Networks (CCN) between various members of recently allied criminal networks such as the Zann Consortium, the Hutt Cartel, and the Black Sun; all of whom conspire with an emerging regime in Geonosis to liberate the planet from Imperial occupation. The Geonosian regime is led by Prago the Lesser, and his military commander Darth Rex, a dark Jedi. Along the way, Darth Rex shares his leadership with his new found love, Serra Nova, a Jedi knight who survived Order 66 in her padawan days. Meanwhile, the Rebels see this emerging criminal faction as a potential ally in their war against the Galactic Empire.

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10/10 -

AMAZING MOD. Love the whole concept

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