This is the story of Delta Squad going through the Clone Wars and making their way to the Jedi Temple executing Order 66. Its time for the Shadow Warriors to do their duty and succeed its destiny into the age of a New Galactic Empire.

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Its a great mod and its something that the orginasl developers should've made longh ago.


Great story and concept, but I'm sorry, an order 66 mod with no Jedi is just stupid and misleading. Also 'temple guards' are just clones without armor. Very disappointing.


wowsev says

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I must say that this is an amazing mod, i love so much. The only reason i'm giving it a 7 is because it very glitchy. Which is fine it just feel like an alpha game which i'm fine with i just want to see it finished because it was so cool and fun to play. Some problems I found were that you couldn't heal your teammates, or it was very hard and confusing to start up, (i'm not i=even sure i did it correctly) oh just saying i would have given it an 8 but you made it that my favorite commando SEV RC-1207 is a bad guy. WWWWHHHHYYYYYY!!! Ok great job loved and I hope there will be more in the future.


Brugix says

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This mod is awesome! Great work!

There are one or two glitches (like can't give heal order to your squad), but it's fine. It IS a really awesome mod.

I can't wait to see the second part!

It's an awesome campaign, awesome gameplay, levels full of enemies ... all I've always wanted from a Star Wars game!
Amazing job, I'm really looking forward to the possible campaign with Sev.

I give 9/10 cause the only thing I wasn't able was letting my squad going forward automatically ...
If i didn't give them the order to secure an area, they didn't move, they stayed idle and fired only when there where enemies nearby, so I had to tell them continuously to secure the area where I was fighting (and as you can guess it's kind boring).

Nevertheless, it's one of the best mods I've ever played!!!

Good voice acting, character design, and level design, coolest mod I have ever scene


Nice mod,probably the best for star wars republic commandos !


Blue1_ says

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Great mod , enjoyed everything , had issues with sound but I think its my fault. And Jesus Christ the Sonic Grenades man. I died so much times and didnt know what was going on.

amazing mod but sev its a bad guy i just want to know why but i loved the mod its just amazzing


eyeofcuthulu says

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