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SWLU is a mod for X3AP Litcube's Universe 1.7.2 built from the ground-up using ship assets from Mikhail Skatchkav's Star Wars Reborn Mod for X3AP. All ships have had their thruster effects, camera positions, and gun placements fixed or tweaked in addition to the many gameplay changes that come with LU. 250+ total Star Wars ships (counting variants) are added in addition to all ~400 vanilla/LU ships, and can be bought in special sectors. With LU, you can finally have the massive X3AP star wars space battles you have always dreamed of!

All credit for the original ship models goes to MikSka, Jeroenimo, Warb Null, and Dinoff.

Also thanks to Litcube for making LU and his extremely useful Excel editors.

And of course, credit to the SWLU team:
XenonArchitect7 - Lead Developer
Tormox - 3D model work and asset acquisition
Leytra - Texture and light map work

Star Wars LU 1.2.8

Core Features:

- 250+ ships and variants from across the Star Wars universe and timelines, including the Old Republic Era, Clone Wars Era, Galactic Civil War Era, and Legends ABY Era.

- Full overhaul of effects, sounds, and ship compatibility for all lasers in the game to make them resemble star wars laser effects for their respective factions.

- Each star wars faction is assigned to a specific X3 faction, and their NPCs will use star wars ships except for a few exceptions where they still use vanilla ships. This will be fixed as I add more ships.

- Some ships like the YT-2400 have multiple faction variants that feature different engine color/sound and different laser compatibility.

- Some ships like the Delta-7 Jedi starfighter have many color variants available.

- Star wars themed trade goods for most wares in the game economy. You can literally start a business manufacturing and selling Admiral Ackbar Cereal or Fried Porgs, to name a few of the more ridiculous ones.

- All ships are balanced around their LU counterparts so they fit in naturally with LU's adjusted combat balance. Please message me if you feel the need for balancing updates!

- Gamestarts for each faction are available featuring a wide variety of scenarios across all difficulties. Play peaceful, start with a massive fleet, start at war with a faction, start with factories already set up, start with a billion credits, start with only a basic ship. There are 21 gamestarts in total, allowing you to play how you want.

- Ship Gallery. There is a gamestart that puts you in a secluded sector with access to all guns, missiles, shields, and star wars ships in the game along with target practice, 2 billion credits, and a god-mode ship that can use any weapon. This will let you explore all of SWLU's content in-game and try out all the ships without having to obtain them in an actual game.

- Repair ships. There are four un-purchasable repair ships hidden away in the universe waiting for you to find them. There are also about a dozen repair lasers hidden throughout the universe for them to use, but you can't buy or sell them anywhere. Your reward for finding these is a 4x repair speed from mounting four of the repair lasers. Good luck looking for these! Update: Added a command for repair ships to auto repair all ships in a sector.

- Tweaked versions of PSCO1's and Mikska's cockpits for all star wars ships.

- NPCs fight each other according to Star Wars lore. This means you can happen across Empire/Rebel battles in the universe as well as Republic/Separatist.

- Battle Sectors: Head over to Heretic's End and Duke's Domain for battles featuring endless waves of fleets just throwing themselves at each other.

Gameplay Changes:

- All lasers have double range and duration than regular LU.

- Selling captured pilots into slavery at pirate bases has been buffed to be a viable method of making money.

- All "Heavy" lasers (PAA, TBC, PALC, FBC) have double rate of fire and half damage from regular LU.

- SCHs, PHQ, OTAS MLCC Docks, LU advanced software, Teladi/Argon trading stations are now purchasable in both Terran and Commonwealth space to allow the player to stay at war with one or the other while still being able to progress.

- Corporation HQs are now purchasable throughout the universe near the actual ones. They are basically cool-looking equipment docks.

- 25% of all pirate ships (not from missions) will be randomized from all ships to emulate the effects of ship piracy. This makes pirate encounters more interesting.

- Added civilians, traders to the Yaki and beefed up their economy.

- Added "Recon" patrols to all factions that venture around the universe.

- Made many of the suns brighter in key sectors to allow for more ship visibility.

- NPCs mostly don't care if you kill other factions in their territory now.

- SETA on the space suit. Yes, this means you can repair while in SETA.

- Many other countless changes and tweaks to LU

LU Overview:

For the uninitiated, Litcube's Universe is a massive overhaul of X3's core mechanics focusing on massive combat, automation, performance, and simplicity. More information on the official wiki: Litcube.xtimelines.net

Some key takeaways of LU are:
- Many new automation systems for freighters

- Very low rate of fire for all guns to allow for massive fleet battles. I know a lot of people don't like this, so there is a patch to restore the vanilla combat balance on the SWLU discord.

- Massive overhaul of the mobile mining system to make it a true passive income cash explosion.

- Many superior logistics scripts to their vanilla and bonus pack counterparts, such as couriers and TUG.

- All ships everywhere have a chance to bail, not just ones in combat with the player. So this means you'll find abandoned ships all over the map, all the time.

- Automated salvage.

- Working and seamless autojump functionality for all ships.

- Built-in bounce scripts. This means fighters don't suicide into stations, and ships don't crash into each other. You can literally tell 200 fighters to attack a solar power plant without any losses.

- Sector-wide advanced satellite range.

- Automated and improved fleet mechanics, ship outfitting, and organization.

- The Omicron Channel Virus (OCV), a faction of assimilators that gradually takes over the galaxy at a very slow pace. They are the final boss and end-game goal.

- The Phanon Corporation, a rival company to the player that will purchase assets, make money, and harass the player. It's up to you to put them in their place.

- Countless other quality-of-life adjustments, such as SETA not disengaging when you move the mouse or navigate menus.

Add-On Mods Available!

There are many add-on mods and scripts available for SWLU, and these can be found on the SWLU Discord. Note that LU, and SWLU by extension, are highly incompatible with most mods for X3AP. Thus, there are only certain mods that work with SWLU.

Some noteworthy ones:

- SWLU Edition of Improved Races 2: Makes the factions fight over territory and conquer sectors. The player can also get in on this and capture territory. I don't recommend this for your first playthrough.

- "Mothership Mod": This mod allows you to use any capital ship as a mobile shipyard. Build equipment, items, ships, and repair docked ships. This mod is still in development and testers are needed.

- Vanilla balance: A lot of people don't like LU's slow-firing "shotgun" lasers that are too fast to dodge. I get it. This small patch will restore Vanilla's combat balance, with faster-firing and slower lasers to bring SWLU back to that classic X3 feeling.

- MARS for LU: Many expansions for Litcube systems, such as MLCC. There is a list of ones that work with SWLU on the Discord.

- Smart Turrets, Salvage Commands, Mineral Courier, Mk.3 Improvement Reloaded, Satellites Monitoring, and Marine Repairs: These mods make the game just a little easier and can vastly improve your quality of life. I don't recommend going crazy with add-on scripts for your first playthrough, because you can easily overwhelm yourself with game features.

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Changelog 1.2.8

News 5 comments

New Map Available - Galaxy In Chaos!

See the ModDB "addons" tab for more info!


------|Official Discord|------


------| Version 1.2.8 (April 1, 2020) |------

Main changes:

- Added some code to the NPC salvager scripts so that they can't claim any abandoned ships that have full hull hitpoints. This protects all the repair ships and it also protects all the random ships I hid around the map.

- Drastically increased the price of slaves, making that a viable option for making money in the early game

- New loading screens from users @Rocket Man and @abbe026. If anyone has an excellent screenshot, post it on the Discord server and it will become a credited loading screen if it's good enough.

* Added a new battle sector: Republic Enclave
* Located in the middle of the western Separatist sector cluster
* Republic fleets will spawn and fight the separatists to the north
* Greatly militarized and added a shipyard to Duke's Domain, the Separatist sector to the north
* Separatist invaders and defenders spawn in Duke's Domain to fight the Republic

- New Gamestart: Republic Holdout (scripted)
- This gamestart will lag on lower-end PCs
- Starts isolated in the Republic Enclave sector with many millions of credits and a large starting fleet
- No access to jumpdrives, M5s, or advanced satellites
- You will need to fight your way out of the Separatist cluster of sectors in order to reach freedom
- 10 recurring injections of 300 million credits and full fighter squadrons from the Republic to aid in your effort
- Many NPC battles between Republic and CIS to join in on and practice fleet micromanagement

- New Gamestart: Deluded Scoundrel
- Start with a poorly-equipped Quadjumper (TM) in outer-rim New Republic space
- Start with no money, no other starting assets, and nothing explored
- Start with reputation -3 with all factions except New Republic (0) and Rebels (+3)
- Start with three orbital weapons platforms containing 5 black crystals each (worth 10 million per crystal)
- The catch is that your OWPs are in distant Rebel sectors across the map, so you will have to find a way through hostile space (or improve relations) among many different factions to reach them and claim the treasure

- Renamed all faction reputation ranks to a more fitting star wars theme

- Added a New Republic star wars shipyard to sector Menelaus' Oasis in the SE corner of the map

- Greatly expanded the arsenal of lasers usable by Pirate ships on turrets

- Fixed all factions not being able to sell mining ships as used ships

- Fixed Old Republic not being able to sell TS ships as used ships

Ship Changes:

- Removed the following vanilla ships from NPC usage (can still be purchased by the player at vanilla shipyards):
- Paranid Pericles (M3)
- Paranid Nemesis (M6)
- Paranid Perseus (M3)
- Yaki Fujin (M5)
- Paranid Hercules (TL)
- Terran Claymore (M8)

- Added the "Advanced" designation to the Sith Scimitar. No stat changes, but this was necessary to make it stop populating Separatist NPC fleets.

* Droid Tri-Fighter (Separatist M4)
* Class change from M5 to M4, stats increased accordingly
- Complete weapon, engine, and camera overhaul
- Model scaled up in size
- Removed the horrible first-person cockpit view
- Adjusted the starting loadout for the Self-Aware Droid gamestart

* Vulture Droid (Separatist M5)
- Model scaled up in size
- Removed the horrible first-person cockpit view
* Increased weapons energy

- M (Xenon M4)
- Corrected camera position to fix a clipping issue

- Removed the first-person cockpit view from all Xenon fighters (N, M, L, LX)

- StarFortress Bomber (New Republic M8)
- "Enhanced" texture by Leytra

- Gladiator Star Destroyer (Imperial/Pirate M7)
- Fixed main guns coming out of the hangar
- Fixed physical hangar objects inside the hangar being visible
- Fighters now launch out of the front hangar in addition to the side hangar

New Ships and Stations:

- New Station: Rebel Starbase V
- Behaves like an equipment dock
- Light map textures by Leytra
- Texture upscale from EAW
- Docks infinite fighters, 20 big ships, and 2 capitals
- Also replaces the model for all Rebel-owned millitary outposts in the game

- New Ship: YV-929 Super Freighter (Rebel TS)
- Original model by Warb Null
- Retexture and light map by Leytra
- Very high stats except for speed, and expensive
- Also sold by other factions as used ships

- New Ship: Hutt Cruiser (Pirate M7M)
- Original model by Warb Null
- 5 missile launch points for top missile turret
- Otherwise average stats

- New Ship: Longhorn Corvette (Separatist M6)
- Original model by Warb Null
- Lights texture by Leytra
- Low/Medium stats, cheap

- New Ship: Sheathipede (Separatist TP)
- Original model by Warb Null
- Fast, although lightly armed and shielded

- New Ship: Sheathipede Hauler (Separatist TS)
- Alternate texture variant

- New Ship: Rihkxyrk (Pirate M4)
- Slight texture improvements from EAW
- Above-average stats

- New Ship: Maxillipede (Separatist TP)
- Original model by Warb Null
- Carries more cargo, shields, and marines than the Sheathipede

- New Ship: Umbaran Fighter (Separatist M3)
- Original model by Warb Null, tweaks and adjustments to model geometry and textures
- Heavy fighter stats

- New Ship: Paladin Corvette (Jedi M6)
- Original model by Warb Null
- Texture and light map tweaks
- Sold by the Jedi Order, can also be found patrolling their space

- New Ship: Paladin Corvette Bomber (Jedi M8)
- Missile variant, two missile turrets with 3 launchers each

- New Ship: Sith Fighter (Old Republic M5)
- Original model by Warb Null
- Stats slightly worse than a TIE Fighter

- New Ship: Starhopper (Pirate M4)
- Original model by Warb Null
- Texture and light map rework by Leytra
- Slow and mediocre, but large cargo capacity for its class

- New Ship: Zenith Cruiser (Old Republic M2)
- Fanon design by BobDeQuatre, model by Warb Null
- Textures greatly upscaled
- "Raider" and "Sentinel" variants with different textures, turret types, and slightly different stats

- New Ship: Umbaran Cruiser (Separatist TL)
- Original model by Warb Null
- Light map textures by Leytra
- Textures greatly upscaled from original
- Docks 4 fighters, 2 freighters

- New Ship: IPV-1 Patrol Craft (Pirate M6)
- Textures greatly upscaled from EAW
- Very cheap, poor stats

- New Station: Mandalorian Starbase V
- Textures upscaled from EAW
- Docks 2 capitals, 20 medium ships, infinite fighters
- Also replaces the model for Mandalorian Equipment Docks

- New Ship: Arrow Corvette (Imperial M8)
- Fanon design by AdamKop, model by Warb Null
- Textures upscaled for SWLU
- Two missile turrets with 1 launcher each, and 4 corvette lasers

- New Ship: Keldabe Battleship (Mandalorian M2)
- Original model by Jeroenimo
- Texture adjustments by Leytra
- Very high stats, although slow and expensive

- New Ship: Subjugator (Separatist M2)
- Original model by Jeroenimo
- X3 implementation by Tormox
- Highest hull strength in the entire mod


New Battle Sector


Rebel Starbase V

Rebel Starbase

YV-929 Super Freighter

YV 929

Hutt Cruiser

Hutt Cruiser

Longhorn Corvette




Sheathipede hauler






Umbaran Fighter


Paladin Corvette


Sith Fighters

Sith Fighter



Zenith Cruiser (two variants)


Umbaran Cruiser

Umbaran Cruiser

IPV-1 Patrol Craft


Mandalorian Starbase V

Mand Starbase5

Arrow Corvette

Arrow Corvette

Keldabe Battleship




Gameplay Tutorials

Gameplay Tutorials

News 1 comment

I will slowly be adding to this list until all major LU features are covered. For additional questions, please join the mod Discord and ask there.

Changelog (Old Versions)

Changelog (Old Versions)


Documentation of changes for older versions of SWLU.

Installation/Update Instructions

Installation/Update Instructions

Feature 16 comments

SWLU must be installed on top of an installation of LU. SWLU is incompatible with Mayhem and other large LU mods, and LU by its nature is largely incompatible...

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SWLU 1.2.8

SWLU 1.2.8

Full Version 8 comments

SWLU must be installed on top of an installation of LU. SWLU is incompatible with Mayhem and other large LU mods, and LU by its nature is largely incompatible...

SWLU 1.2.8 fix eng

SWLU 1.2.8 fix eng


Fix text files to the game version X3 AP 3.3. Fix 0001-L044.xml file. SWLU 1.2.8

(Old) SWLU 1.2.7

(Old) SWLU 1.2.7

Full Version 12 comments

SWLU must be installed on top of an installation of LU. SWLU is incompatible with Mayhem and other large LU mods, and LU by its nature is largely incompatible...

(Old) SWLU 1.2.6

(Old) SWLU 1.2.6

Full Version 10 comments

SWLU must be installed on top of an installation of LU. SWLU is incompatible with Mayhem and other large LU mods, and LU by its nature is largely incompatible...

(Old) SWLU 1.2.5

(Old) SWLU 1.2.5

Full Version 21 comments

SWLU must be installed on top of an installation of LU. SWLU is incompatible with Mayhem and other large LU mods, and LU by its nature is largely incompatible...

(Old) SWLU 1.2.4

(Old) SWLU 1.2.4

Full Version 55 comments

SWLU must be installed on top of an installation of LU. SWLU is incompatible with Mayhem and other large LU mods, and LU by its nature is largely incompatible...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 623)

I've installed the Litcubes mod for the game but im using the GoG Terran War pack. The Required mod works but im not sure how to install this star wars one doe?

I've read the instructions but the method of installing this one involves the separate folders for Terran conflict and Ap, but the GoG one doesnt seem to have those but its merged. So im not sure which one to go for in installation

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I maybe stupid but is there a way to fold the x wing? Its maube onvious but I have no idea. The old way in the intertaces does not work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
XenonArchitect7 Creator

There is no wing movement on any SWLU ships.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can you add more mon call ship types like other mc80s mc30 the new mc95 and the mc85

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey just wondering what is going on. Started off with the rebel x wing start and i have tried looking for ships at rebel held shipyards for my first bought ship. However I dont see any rebel ships only vanila ones and for some reason over a half an hour space 3 million was taken out of my account when I entered Republic territory and I did not buy anything.

Want to know what anyone would recommend


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
XenonArchitect7 Creator

There are specific star wars sectors where you can buy all the star wars ships for a faction in one place. Not sure about the money issue. Please reach out on the Discord to further discuss it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Im not sure if im the only one but i really enjoy playing the game with a controller, so when i loaded up this for the first time i expected the controls to be the same, but alas they arent, does anyone know a quick way of making a controller usable for this mod or am i better off just learning to use Mouse and Keyboard

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I was wondering the same thing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Please fix those atmospheric lifters as they speed at 600+ m/s out of gates and instantly annihilates ships going through it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
XenonArchitect7 Creator

You didn't read the instructions. You need the special SWLU version of IR2 found on the Discord. You installed the stock version made for vanilla X3AP, thus the problem with the lifters.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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