Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic Upgrade v2.0

This is an all-in-one modification pack that includes the most important fixes known to work on top of the latest official Bioware patch. The package includes also very few selected quality, low-key tweaks to further enhance the gaming experience or visuals. Permission has always been asked to the original authors whenever this was possible, both for full or partial integration of their work. Each author has been properly credited at the end of this file.

I wish to thank the numerous contributors that made this possible. Thanks for all your hard work and for having shared it with all of us. The complete Read Me file will contain installation instructions and details about the modification itself. The following list of credits is updated to June, 2020. More/different material may be included at a later stage before the public release.


- Mods selection and integration by Salk
- Several major and minor fixes/tweaks by Salk
- Dialogue and VOs corrections by Salk
- Dialog fixes for Gonto Yas, Toll Apkar and Iridorian Mercenary by Salk
- Pazaak Fixes&Tweaks by Salk
- Improvements for Get the Other Kray Dragon Pearl v1.1, Bendak's LS Demise and PC Response Moderation by Salk
- Blue eyes for PMHC04, general assistance and various texture recoloring by Aryukell
- Bastila's Extra Dialog on Tatooine by SpaceAlex
- K1 Carth Romance by cjt0202
- Music Enhancement For K1 by Star Admiral
- New BIK movie by zbyl2
- Garrum and Tar'eelok Restoration by Sekan and Seamhainn
- Sharina Fizark Restoration by Sekan
- Bastila Romance Enhancement by Swfan28
- Czerka Clothing Fix by Time_Lord
- Hijata Fix by Time_Lord
- Movie Style Replacement Lightsaber Hilts by oldflash
- Movement Animation Fix by ZimmMaster
- Bastila's Mother Changes by Shem
- KotOR HK-47 Appearance by sELFiNDUCEDcOMA
- KotOR Darth Malak Appearance by sELFiNDUCEDcOMA (Jedi Head by Cache71/Dark Hope)
- KotOR Darth Bandon and Sith Apprentice Appearance by sELFiNDUCEDcOMA
- KotOR Sith Trooper Appearance 1.0 by sELFiNDUCEDcOMA
- New skin for T3-M4 by Darth Sapiens
- Zaalbar HD reskin by joe
- Vurt's K1 Ebon Hawk Retexture v1.0 by Vurt
- Ebon Hawk Texture Enhancement by Fallen Guardian
- Lots of Little Things by SykoRevan
- High Resolution Lightning by Triggergod
- Korriban Academy Workbench v2.0 by Darth InSidious
- Duncan on Manaan by Seamhainn
- Ajunta Pall Unique Appearance by Silveredge9
- Bendak's LS Demise by Ulic
- Movie_Style_Retextures_v7 by DarthJacen
- Hi Res Muzzle Flash by Jesse1066
- LordDeathRay's KOTOR Improvement Mod (LKIM) by LordDeathRay
- Xor plot fix by Darth333
- Sunry Murder Recording Enhancement by Fallen Guardian
- Get the other krayt dragon pearl v1.1 by Sekan
- Weapon Model Overhaul for KoTOR by Toasty Fresh
- Weapon Model Overhaul Texture Rework 1.0 by Fallen Guardian
- HQ Blasters by Sithspecter
- Gaffi Stick Improvement by Fallen Guardian
- Holocron Icon Replacement by Darth InSidious
- Hi-Res Beam Effects 2.0 by Darth InSidious
- Robes for Korriban Students by Shem
- Alternate Female DS Romance Ending by JdNoa
- Desert Wraid & Shyrack Texture Fix by Red Hessian
- Korriban/Manaan Music Fix by Kainzorus Prime
- Fixed Proficiency/Focus Feat Icons by Kainzorus Prime
- KOTOR Bug Fix Attempt 1.0 by danil-ch
- MANAAN Complete Overhaul by Jorak Uln
- SITH BASE Complete Overhaul by Jorak Uln
- ENDAR SPIRE Complete Overhaul by Jorak Uln
- High Quality Stars and Nebulas by Kexikus
- Green Pazaak Base Cards for K1 by Kexikus
- Scoundrel Trousers 1.0 by darkbirdie
- High Quality Skyboxes 1.1 by Kexikus
- Higher Quality Bastila by Circa
- Energy Shield Damage Fix by R2-X2
- Fire and Ice by Cinder Skye
- KotOR2 Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors by Sith Holocron & Xarwarz
- Bodies Stay by jonathan7
- Droid Feat Gain Fix by Thrak Farelle
- Leviathan Differentiated Dialogue by Revanator
- First Lightsaber Crystal fix 1.0 by N-DReW25
- PC Response Moderation by Kainzorus Prime
- Juhani Romance Enhancement by Kexikus
- Sapith Fix by N-DReW25
- Day Kashyyyk HD by Cache71/Dark Hope
- HD Carth Onasi 1.0 by Cache71/Dark Hope
- Four Masks by Darth Vhail
- Dark Bodysuit by Quanon&Revanator
- Bastila Romance Scriptfix 1.1 by Markus Ramikin
- Ebon Hawk Geometry Fixes by ndix UR
- Animated Cantina Sign by Sith Holocron
- Republic Solider Fix for K1 by JCarter426
- Diversified Wounded Republic Soldiers on Taris 1.1 by DarthParametric
- Taris Escape Sequence Adjustments by DarthParametric
- High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes by Sithspecter
- KotOR - Ultimate 2.0 - Taris Upper City by Thunder3
- HD Hutts by Emperor Turnip
- HD Rakghouls by Emperor Turnip
- HD Dewback by Emperor Turnip
- HD Gizka by Emperor Turnip
- HD Calo Nord by Emperor Turnip
- SF Door Fix by jc2
- Diversified Jedi Captives on Star Forge by DarthParametric
- HD KT-400 military droid carrier and Lethisk-class armed freighter 1.0 by Cache71/Dark Hope
- Graphic modification 5.00 by Cache71/Dark Hope
- Male Sith Archeologist Restoration 1.0 by N-DReW25
- Party Model fixes and HD Bastila by redrob41
- JC's Dense Aliens by JCarter426
- K1 Lite Upgrader 1.3 by A Future Pilot
- New Grass by MadDerp
- High Poly Grenades by MadDerp
- Selven Legends by ebmar
- JC's Minor Fixes for K1 v1.0 by JCarter426
- New Legal Screens for K1 and K2 by VarsityPuppet
- [K1]_Movie-Style_Holograms_for_End_Game_Cutscenes by DarthParametric
- Taris Upper City Cantina Entrance Wall Panel Fix by DarthParametric
- [K1]_Movie-Style_Rakatan_Holograms by DarthParametric
- JC's Supermodel Fix for K1 v1.0 by JCarter426
- [K1]_Endar_Spire_Hull_Repairs_v1.2 by DarthParametric
- JC's Vision Enhancement for K1 by JCarter426
- [K1]_Animated_Swoop_Screen_[TSLPort] by ebmar
- [K1]_Taris_Dueling_Arena_Adjustment v1.2 by DarthParametric
- Repeating blaster attacks restoration by R2-X2
- [K1]_Dantooine_Enclave_Landing_Pad_Ivy_Fix by DarthParametric
- JC's Fashion Line I - Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 v1.1 by JCarter426
- Dark Jedi Wear Robes by DarthParametric
- [K1]_Lyn_Sekla_'Legends'_v1.0.1 by ebmar
- K1 Enhancement Pack by SpaceAlex
- [K1] Janice Nall "Legends" and the Incomplete Droids 1.0.0 by ebmar
- [K1]_Female_Armour_Collar_Fix by DarthParametric
- K1 Ported Alien VO Replacements by Ashton Scorpius
- [K1]_Control_Panel_For_Kashyyyk_Shadowlands_Forcefield_v1.01 by DarthParametric
- Queedle fix by N-DReW25
- Mandalorian Armor Fixes by darthbdaman
- K1 Twi'lek Male 3D Ears by Ashton Scorpius
- [K1]_Legends_Marlena_Venn_v1.1.0 by ebmar
- Proper Manaan Quest Endings by Kexikus
- [K1] Sith Armor - Freelook Filter Mod by ebmar
- [K1] Saber Throw Knockdown Effect by uwadmin12
- Improved Grenades by jc2
- Hide The Weapons! by Ancharos/Facistinabag
- Kotor Texture Redux by Selphadur
- Vrook HD International Global by DarkHope
- Playable Rattataki x13 by redrob41
- Playable Wookiees for K1 by redrob41
- Rodian Messenger Restoration by N-DReW25
- [K1]_Legends_-_Elder_Droids_Unique_VO_v1.0.0 by ebmar
- Power Blast and Sniper Shot Fix by Darg727
- HD ICON PACK by JackInTheBox
- HD PC Portraits by ndix UR
- Utility Armband by Star Admiral
- JC's Blaster Visual Effects for K1 by JCarter426


- Bioware for creating an astonishing game
- The now defunct KotORFiles, LucasForum (also defunct) and the Deadlystream communities
- RPGClassics.com and especially the K1 Community Patch for producing many fixes
- DarthParametric for sharing his amazing modding knowledge and the constant support through all my modding needs
- JCarter426, Fallen Guardian, ebmar, RedRob41 and Fair Strides for help with modding tips and testing
- My supportive, patient and talented wife, always ready to lend me her skills with one or another of my silly endeavors
- 134340Goat and Knifemaster for contributing a few corrections to the dialog.tlk file
- Gimmick5000 for contributing many more
- Selphadur for customized upscaling work done on some low resolution textures
- Again, each contributor to this project which is not mine, but ours... Thanks!

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A project 5 years long...


...is about to be finalized. Even if there is wide margin for improvement (isn't there always?), I believe that 2018 will see the first public release of a community effort I tried to orchestrate at the best of my modest abilities.

Not everything is unfortunately the way I envisioned this release: for starters, the graphical overhaul of the game is perhaps only 20% complete. The main contributors either retired from the modding scenes or moved ahead with other projects on other games. There are bright rising stars that help me think positively about the future though. Talented young (and less young) people that seem to have (re)discovered a truly timeless classic.

I was also hoping to see one promising modder complete his AI overahul modification to later include it as part of SW:KotOR Upgrade project but his work has stalled again and there is no way to know when and if it'll ever be complete.

Said that, version 2.0 (there have been many internal versions prior to this one that have been worked on and expanded, polished and refined) has much to be proud of in terms of content.

I want to take once again the opportunity to thank and give credit to the many gifted guys and girls that helped me push out this modification and make it public.

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good luck!
maybe video or screenshots? from this upgrade :-)

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Salk Creator


There are a few screenshots already available. Said that, despite the massive injection of upscaled textures, the vast majority of the game won't look much different from the original because I like to keep internal consistency whenever it is possible.

There are a few, talented authors that are working on alternative textures and I am keeping an eye on their production for the future.

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doing gods work

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Salk Creator

I have lots of help from talented modders and contributors.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Does it include all the changes from the KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Salk Creator

Hello! No, it does not. Some of the restored material wasn't up to standard. Some of the K1R restorations have been improved upon when needed but it is safe to say that a good portion of the restored content found in K1R is present in SW:KotOR Upgrade as well.

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I'm happy that this is still being worked on, and I look forward to using it whenever it does get released.

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Salk Creator


I aim to have this release ready by 2021.

Thanks for the interest.

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