Star Wars Eras

Star Wars Eras is a mod that aims to bring an authentic Star Wars experience to Forces of Corruption. When complete it will cover the periods from the Clone Wars through to the Vong invasion. All craft, vehicles and personnel will be kept as close to canon as possible and new campaigns will follow the story of the Star Wars universe.

Key elements to the mod:

  1. As much as both possible and feasible this mod will follow canon. Units that appear in the films and expanded universe will appear in-game during the right time period. For example after the Liberation of Coruscant the New Class programme will open up the likes of the Endurance Class Fleet Carrier and Nebula Class Star Destroyer.
  2. Units will be made available for upgrade before being available to build/recruit. For example the Rebel Alliance will start off with the R-22 Spearhead. Once the Death Star has been defeated at Yavin the option to research the RZ-1 A-Wing will be made available. This upgrade will replace the R-22 with the A-Wing.
  3. All units will be scaled appropriately with the correct number of weapon emplacements and hardpoints.
  4. There will be Jedi! Seeing as the Jedi played such a huge role in the majority of the time period I'm covering they will be factored in. This includes Jedi fighter squadrons equipped with the relevant ships, e.g. the T-65 XJ3 X-Wing.
  5. A Rebel Alliance campaign that follows the canonical story and a brand new Imperial campaign that will allow you to defeat the Rebel Alliance only to face new challenges from within!
  6. Fleets! You could build a Star Destroyer, or you could build a fleet led by a Star Destroyer containing frigates and corvettes. As long as the Star Destroyer remains intact the supporting vessels will continue to be replenished.
  7. The ability to capture enemy vessels. What better way to weaken the enemy than by increasing your own strength while doing so.

These are just the elements of the game that are currently in the works. The interface and some of the limitations in ground combat are also being reviewed. Stay tuned for more updates.

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The Rebel Alliance will have 5 Tech Levels that cross 3 eras.

The Rebellion Era (2BBY - 4ABY):

This era covers the creation of the Rebel Alliance up to the destruction of the DSII. (Tech Levels: 1)

The New Republic Era (4ABY - 28ABY):

This eras covers the ongoing war with the Empire with the invasion of the Vong up until the New Republilc was reorganised into the Galactic Alliance. (Tech Levels: 2 & 3)

The Galactic Alliance Era (28ABY - 41ABY):

This era covers the latter stages of the Vong war and the subsequent Second Galactic Civil War against Darth Caedus. (Tech Levels: 4 & 5)

The Rebel Alliance Tech Level 1 has the largest number of units of any tech level. The Rebellion scrounged resources from wherever they could get them and so there are a range of units available. As the Rebellion becomes the New Republic and later the Galactic Alliance their military and navy became more and more standardised. There are a number of categories of naval units:

Starfighters: Interceptors, Space Superiority Fighters, Bomber, Transports & Gunboats
Picket Ships: Corvettes, Gunships & Frigates
Capital Ships: Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers & Battleships
Stations: Space Stations, Battle Stations & Ship Yards

Various unit have upgrade options which are all listed below:

Rebel Tech Level 1 Space Units:


  1. R-22 Spearhead
    RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor
  2. T-Wing Interceptor (optional upgrade unit)

Space Superiority Fighters:

  1. Z-95 AF3 Headhunter
    Z-95 AF4 Headhunter
    Z-95 I3 Headhunter
    Z-95t Headhunter
  2. R-41 Starfighter
  3. T-65 X-Wing
    T-65B X-Wing
    T-65C A1 X-Wing
    T-65C A2 X-Wing


  1. BTL-B Y-Wing
    BTL-S Y-Wing
    BTL-S2 Y-Wing
    BTL-S3 Y-Wing
    BTL-A4 Y-Wing
  2. H-60 Tempest


  1. X-4 Gunship
  2. YKL-37R Nova Courier


  1. CR90 Corvette
    CR90 Corellian Buccaneer or CR90 Farstar (choose one upgrade)
    CR90 Assassin Class
  2. Marauder Class Corvette
  3. Marauder Class Cruiser


  1. DP20 Gunship


  1. Nebulon-B Frigate
    Nebulon-B2 Frigate
  2. MC-30c Friigate
  3. CC-7700 Interdictor
    CC-7700/E Interdictor
  4. CC-9600 Frigate
  5. Assault Frigate
    Assault Frigate MKI
    Assault Frigate MKII


  1. Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser


  1. Neutron Star-class bulk cruiser
  2. MC40 Light Cruiser
  3. MC80 Liberty Type Star Cruiser
  4. MC80 Wingless
  5. MC80-A
  6. Liberator-class cruiser
  7. Dauntless-class heavy cruiser


The Rebel Alliance have no Destroyers


  1. Bulwark Mark I
    Bulwark Mark II
    Bulwark Mark III
  2. MC-80 Command Ship

Space Stations:

  1. Alliance Space Station Level 1

Battle Stations:

  1. XQ1 Platform
    XQ2 Platform
    XQ3 Platform
    XQ4 Platform
    XQ5 Platform
    XQ6 Platform
    Empress-class space station
    X-7 Factory Station

Ship Yards:

  1. Orbital Dock
  2. Telgorn Corporation Repair Yard
    Telgorn Corporation Service Platform
    Telgorn Corporation Shipyard
Standing on the shoulders....

Standing on the shoulders....

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This update shows off some of the models used by the mod created by EvilleJedi.




Introduction to the Star Wars Eras mod for SWEAW:FOC

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I'd prefer going from the Old Republic era all the way to the New Republic Era.

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If this becomes what is says it is, this might be the best mod for FOC ever.

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There is no Home One type MC80?

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molloyjh Creator

That comes in under Battleships as the MC80 Battleship.

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Is mod alive?

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Tracking, and eagerly waiting!!

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ze textures remind me of rouge squadron II back the gamecube

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Im just wondering one thing. sure new units is great and inspiring to see all kinds of plethora of units. new maps is great and being able to use all new and exciting abilities is fun too. but i really gotta ask, when is someone going to finally release a mod for Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, that adds more player slots and additional teams to fight? sure its fun to have mirror mode fighting empire vs empire. but having 3-way brawls just wont cut it anymore. newer games allow for anywhere from 4-10 separate opponents to face off, and this game is kinda behind choking on dust and ashes. if a mod or even an XML could be created that would allow for more players and/or teams to operate on maps, it would be an almighty improvement on a scale that would open up a multiverse number of doors for the next generation of the modding community to use. so i ask anyone and everyone to at least consider attempting such an endeavor.

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just play thrawns revenge it adds like five facs

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nto talking about factions being added. im talking about player slot the game and all the mods released low for 1v1, 1v2, 1v1v1 or 2v2 (but they ahve to be on teams.) what im asking if another player spot couadded so there can be 4 teams or 1v1v1v1 match with A.I. or even 5 or 6 players. the game is too mundane and even with mirror play or more factions it gets boring fast. add more player positions and more teams on maps, so you could have 4+ star bases on a map with one faction per base without the need for teams. more players = more fun. more factions = fun for a little while. now do you understand?

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yea...a lot more:3 yea I see where youre going there that would be awsome

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Its simply not possible to add proper additional player slots due to the hardcoding that would need to be reverse engineered which is against the games EULA.

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