hi everybody and welcome to Earth at war. This mod this mod is based of a massive war between the intergalactic empire, the Earth alliance and the Black hole pirates. The music is already done right now and we're now doing the modelling and the coding, however, we still need a rigger and a skinner and an additional modeller or coder would be welcome too.

We've had a major shutdown and a long time of no updates. I can now perform that I'm 100% back. In this news update I'm announcing a new take on Space skirmish, new tech system, a new playable faction and more.

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We've had a major shutdown and a long time of no updates. I can now perform that I'm 100% back. In this news update I'm announcing a new take on Space skirmish, new tech system, a new playable faction and more.

Firs of all, I wasn't really myself during the last few weeks and I wasn't as nice as always in my comments, therefore I want to apoligize to everybody I might have offended with them.

To prevent a shutdown like this in the future, I'm going to appoint a co-leader who will also take importaint decisions about the mod and will take over when I'm absent. I already have somebody in mind for this job but I'm not going to give a name before he takes the job.

Now, to business : During my absence I've been thinking of some ideas for the mod, one of them is a complete retake and expansion of space skirmish, makig it far more realistic.
So first, you choose your faction on the setup screen, then you go into battle. You will start with 5 fighter squdrons, 2 corvettes, a construction ship but no space station. From the construction ship you can deploy a build pad, from that you can cunstruct 5 stations : Phase 1 to 5, once you selected a station it'll be constructed on the build pad. AFTER DOING THIS YOU CAN'T UNDO IT. You will now have a main station which you can expand. From this station you can build the upgrades from your phase and you can build additional construction ships. From these you can build new stations, all with different functions, like p.e. : Shipyards for units, repair yards to repair units, jump gates for reïnforcements, fighter factories for star fighters, some defencive stations and so on. So you will basically have a large space base like in land vanilla where you get a large ground base. Througout the maps you will also encounter civillian ships and neutral stations. both can be attacked and destroyed but with consiquences, they will act hostile in the future of the battle if you do so. therefore you must be careful with bombs and other explosives.

I'm also announcing that there's going to be a fourth playable faction : The Freedom Alliance, an Alliance that strives for peace and balance between light and dark. More about this faction is to follow in future content. Also, in phase 5 the Earth Alliance becomes corrupt and changes into 'Earth Force', in phase 5 the Keyblade warriors will fight for the Freedom Alliance. The Black Hole Pirates change into the Heartless while the Intergalactic Empire remains the same.

The mod will feature a brand new tech system, the Earth Alliance/Earth Force advances in tech by research, you must research every single unit, so you will basically start out with only heroes, but no units, and no buildable units, you must research them first. The Intergalactic Empire advances in tech by capturing certain planets, p.e. if you capture the Atlantis system you can adapt their hull design and research new units that use this hull. The Black Hole Pirates advances by spreading darkness, which works the same as the vanilla corruption. The Freedom Alliance advances by signing treaties with other planets so they can build their ships and improve them.

There will also be a new fleet line-up :
Blockade Runner

That's all for now, I'm finishing the model I'm working on now and then I'm going to build up the new fleets from the ground up.



Horay for update! And that's an interesting tech system, can't wait to try it. =)

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