Star Wars: Bear Force II is a Multiplayer mod set in the Star Wars universe for Mount & Blade Warband, during the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War era. Most recent version is 0.94.

MatiasHogden says

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TL;DR: Awesome mod, bring a few friends, maybe join the discord, play during events = have fun.

I gotta say, this mod simply blew me away the first time i played it. I absolutely love the gunplay, aswell as the melee system. Minor bugs and glitches are worked on and fixed as best possible, and the mod having recently gotten a new head dev has simply sped up the process tenfold. Credit where credit is due to Mark, and all the other BNS members working on this. The playerbase fluxuates with this mod, sometimes having 50+ people, sometimes having >30. I am confident that the playerbase will get a large boost as v0.9 and v1.0 are released, bringing two new factions, aswell as singleplayer (if all goes well). Anyways i wont write too much in this, great mod, nice playerbase (a bit eliteist but that is expected in a skill-based mod). And, if you find yourself worse off skill-wise than other players, do not fear, the mod is hard. Play it, maybe join a regiment and you will get used to playing it in no time.

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Simply the best.

Mar 24 2013 by Paskiboy