Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy (or: Swbf3: Legacy) is a large-scale conversion mod created for Battlefront II using as many Assets from the cancelled game as possible; including both eras (Clone Wars and GCW), a brand-new HUD+Interface and a few converted maps such as Coruscant and Cato Neimoidia.

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"Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy" will come out as an Open Beta soon.

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Here we are. First of all big thanks to DarthDio for creating all of those wonderful HUD elements we implemented in. The new HUD is split up into three main chunks: The weapon area, the minimap and the upper section.

Weapon Area: It displays the current health, stamina and ammo as well as all weapon icons. Yes we finally fixed the floating icon bug in this mod.

Minimap: It is now located at the lower-right corner. It also displays a new background; exactly like in the canceled game.

Upper Section: It is not completely finished yet but it "should" display all Conquest command posts in the end as well as the current flag/assault point/score as well as the timer+reinforcements.

The main reticule+the target/jetpack bar have been replaced by our work/design.

Some text strings still appear on the screen. We are going to plan on removing them, then adding them back in but with different fonts in the end. Most of the original text positions will stay; but some will move to other corners/places.

Now...something you all have been requesting since the beginning: A playable Beta. Me and Anakin decided to release an open beta containing a cut off of the current content in this mod.
because it's a beta we won't release the entire work (yet).

The beta will include two (or maybe three) playable game-modes, the full map to explore, Clone Wars only as well as only two, playable heroes/villains (at all).
You will also be forced to play as only 4 of the 6 available classes.
Also the available vehicles on this map will be reduced then to prevent crashes/ or sudden freezes.

There is NO release date set yet. But we promise you the beta will come withing a short period of time as soon as some bugs are fixed and additional content has been added.
By the way in order to play this map without any problems/issues/trouble IT IS really recommend to meet the following requirements:

*-Full Version of Battlefront II (Disk copy or Steam; both of them will work)

-Gameranger, Tunngle or BattleSpy (The Beta will be MP compatible. But since the main servers were shut down you only have these options left to play)

-(Recommend Patch[es]): Official Patch 1.1, Unofficial Patch 1.3

-2GB of hard drive space (The number may drop or rise)

-1.4GB of RAM

-7zip *

The map/mod is about 2.5 GB in file size at the moment. The size will drop when the open beta comes out. Also while playing the map I noticed that it takes about ~1.4GB of RAM (Battlefront II.exe). Usually this game needs about 200-300MB.

Please make sure that you meet these requirements in order to play this map/mod when the beta comes out.

NOTE: The final release is going to be larger (Regarding File Size).


Can't wait!

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make it a torrent because browser downlaods to stupid things with big files :/or works too

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When you will upload this, please do this in winrar because in 7zip it take long time to unpack.

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Can we have someting like demo to try it?

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Does this mod include Invisible Hand maps and more?

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when will the galatic civil war come? :D

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