It seems I do have some team left that wants this mod to be finished! We are not dead yet! and I have set up a forum here to use. Team may not be the best word I have discovered...... None of the people supporting me know how to code, model or skin. stardate 1179. We have picked up some strange fighters on long range scanners, They appear to be one man fighters armed with lasers, we have been trying to make contact but there has been no response. Commander! said one of the crew aboard the Executer Yes? our scouts have spotted a small frigate and it does not match any known rebel design, It appears to be heavily armed and highly depended on shields, And based on the smooth curve of the round front of the ship, it might be a Mon Calamari ship. Destroy it. Several Federation ships, starbases, along with some other races, and maybe even a planet or two, have suddenly been moved to the starwars Galaxy, Who could have done such a thing? maybe the Q the time line for the Star Trek side will be...

Star Trek verse Star wars
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Is this dead? (sarcronis 10 years ago)

fed squards

land battle

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New website (Legend017 11 years ago)

Hey u need a website?

Old forum

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