This is a TC Star Trek Mod for Homeworld 2 that is currently in Development

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Fantastic mod, truly one of the best Star Trek games period.


Poffin says

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look good need to now when the new release is going to happen



Deagor says

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So far the mod is beautiful with many trips down drooling lane for any people with a knowledge of star trek not to mention as of writing this we are all still playing a beta of v0.5 so there is more to come whoot!! whoot!!


Very, very, very cool mod!


Just Blown away by the progress this mod has made and the new trailer looks :O


The version I tried had only Federation and Klingon to use, but I think it ROCKS!!

it looks good plus it copme with a good simple readme for instructions. As well as that it has good gameplay, although a bit gilitchy.

An absolutely wonderful mod that really (so far) begins to capture the feel of Star Trek. From ships that move and act naturally (as they did in the television series and movies) to amazing effects, this is a must have mod for any Star Trek fan, or even a lover of all things Homeworld.


it is a good mod

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