SG - Earth is a mod for X3TC SG - Earth The MOD is about the planet earth actively pursuing colonization. The city of Atlantis is now placed off the coast of Northern America and houses the White House, UN security council with generally assemblies of the US congress and UN being held there too. Now that SG program is common knowledge worldwide, there is no need for the US military to spend copious sums protecting the world when cheaper measures (Enhanced Asgard Beams and drones) are available. The world at large embraces the US taking the lead in this regard. The US military has by and large abandoned conventional military spending and has given the world notice that UN security council dictated actions will be carried out with Enhanced Asgard Beams. The billions in US spending will be diverted to 304 production and colonization. China, Russia, UK, Japan, and a few select others are staking out territory in remote sectors of the MillkyWay (with plans to expand to adjacent galaxies).

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