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An update that no one asked for, but its here anyway...

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A bit delayed and not that big as I wanted, but here is another update for Stalker Two-K.

EDIT: Big thanks for ModDB for uploading those files to their servers! They are now available in download section.

v5 top name

But enough about that...

To keep it shorter than in last update, I wrote it on a phone, so there is no my typical rambling about stuff not related to mod :D

v5 02 small

Here is quick changelog of what I messed up:

  • Lots of textures were modified to look older/more rusted. But don't expect Misery poop-colors, I hate that. If you like brown feces on your screen use ReShade or just change colors on your monitors, but I need to remind you that its just sick and it should be cured by doctors. Not to mention that its not realistic at all...
  • New bumps for ground textures, including asphalt, grass and dirt. Plus new texture for yantar dry lake.
  • Bunch of new textures and new bumpmaps for existing files.
  • Some resizing and sharpenig mipmaps here and there to reduce overall size of mod.

And sadly thats it...

Because of those changes related to make textures older, again I had to release it as one big pack not as smaller patch. But this will be probably last big update for this mod, rest will be just for adding new textures and smaller fixes.
I know that I was mentioning few times that I will remake vehicles textures but its not that easy as it sound, I have bunch of them already in "remaking-stage" but they didn't catch this train and need to wait for next update...

v5 05 small

Some of you will probably saw this update in latest(1.3.2) Anomaly Mod that you can find here: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly It fit perfectly to game so If you want to play Stalker and not downloading 1000 addons to play game properly and worry about crashes, download it right away :]

v5 03 small

And here are download links.

Stalker Two-K

(2.8GB 7z format)

Stalker Two-K "Tiny Little" version

(1.9GB 7z format)
(for slower computers and heavy moded games)

Stalker Two-K

Latest Update:

(Compatible with both versions)

Stalker Two K v5 update 01

Changelog: Stalker Two K v5 update 01

v5 01 small

v5 06 small

v5 04 small

And of course, even if no one really care I mention it: if you like my work, feel free to donate.



paranoiia8 Author

Thanks ModDB staff for uploading those files to the servers by them self!

I seriously cant upload anything via url option(for more than month now), so Im stuck with Gdrive, and even with 20mpbs upload on LTE it take ages to to send it directly via browser...
I seriously though that I will stuck with just GDrive links -_-

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Thanks dude, I like your 2k version staying true to the original textures :D

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Could it work with Dead Air? :D

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paranoiia8 Author

yep, they should work with anything based on CoC/CoP.
Some elements in game could have different textures than before but from player perspective it dont matter.

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Any chance for ShoC version? :(

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paranoiia8 Author

I was actually thinking about bringing back NS2016 that was on moddb last year, but I deleted it, so who know...
For next couple of weeks Im not gonna have proper internet(only phone) so there is a chance that that boredom will hit me hard and I will actually make it :]

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Wow this is a very nice update, very nice touch up! Thanks for spending the time creating all these beautiful textures!

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