Pack of brand new textures and effects in high resolution for Call of Pripyat and Call of Chernobyl.

Report Stalker Two-K "TinyLittle" v4

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Fourth version of mod! Its tad smaller. Its tad... thinner? And it actually contain some changes compared to previous version...

Stalker Two-K "TinyLittle" v4

Great work as always!

Got a few litle bugs to report.

CoC 1.5R6 + Stalker Two-K "TinyLittle" v4

Shooting stuff like barrels, boxes, doors results in this.

Door texture not aligned properly.

Wood thingy also.

Dead City.

Hope this helps.

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paranoiia8 Author

About door texture, its not really texture alignment problem but placement of window that I made that is tad higher than default. Also that specific problem is just in that particular place in game, there is some additional mesh on top of it that just make it look weird.

I actually knew about that, but I found out that its just in that one place, and I need to be honest I was just lazy to make whole new texture just because of that one bug -_-
But I keep that in next TODO list, because I put that window too high anyway and sooner or later I will need to fix it, because other mods could have additional meshes on doors like this one.

EDIT: OK I didnt notice that in the first place, I though those are bullet holes. I will check those dots later.

EDIT 2: I copied zip to clean CoC game: Nothing... Tired shooting it and no problems :/
Maybe try to copy again folder "detail" from gamedata/textures in zip.
If it occur only when shooting... Im not sure if its my mod, because I didnt modified bullet holes textures or anything related to it...
Could you say anything more specific about it? doest those dots are visible all the time or after shooting them? does it occur everywhere or just in specific places?
Do you have any weapon mod or mod that modified wm folder in gamedata/textures?

Now wood plank thing is some major problem in game it self, because If I rotate that wood plank texture... it will be like that in other wood objects...
Its because there is one texture that is used differently on SoC maps and CS/CoP maps.
Even brainscorcher had that problem in his Structure Redux mod and his fix was just choosing: if you want to have proper planks on SoC maps or on CoP maps... Annoying, I know, but it cant be fixed from my side I can give you rotated texture but if you use it, other wood planks will look that -_-

Now Dead City is filled with crap like that.... Just look at that:

Im not kidding Dead City map is used for so many years and no one repair it. Because its not texture problem but meshes used on map and how they use textures.
As you see in your screenshot that object use totally wrong texture, stretch it cut some part of it... and it look like crap.

Now I have to choose: Do I make that texture look good just in this place, or I make it to look good in rest of game... I chose rest of game, because its used more often there.

I know that such explanation and "lack of fix for it" is not really sufficient, but even if I make texture in similar style to original, try to keep all lines on it in the same place... Stalker still bring such bugs like that.
They are not so visible when texture is lower resolution and all details come from fake detail mask, but when you make something sharper and with more details it highlights every bug.
Especially in Dead City, I F hate that map, just after Pripyat it one of worst made map for Stalker, it have massive amount of bad choice of textures, stretched textures and wrong placed textures...

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I found the problem for the bullet holes, OWR is the problem.
I forgot that new addons have thair own stupid addons .db archives.
Sorry for that, my bad.
As for the Dead City Map, I thought so that its not your textures, and must be a mesh using the same texture problem.
I hope that the CoC team will fix this stuff in the future, just annoying.

I must say this texture pack is awesome. Top Quality no performance los on my side. Keep it up man, your a texture wizard if i ever seen one!!!!

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