Dima A. Petrov, born and raised in the Balkans, later goes living in Kharkov, Ukraine. Studied Phisics and ending high school with 2nd generation scientific level. A years later he's take part as assistant into researching city of "Pripyat", after the 1986 explosion of "Chernobyl", the mission was success. 27 years after, Dima sign one more time into trip to "Chernobyl" with scientists and militaries from East Europe, for one more Research. But from the beginning it wasn't going good, Dimka's team was kidnapped from international organization. They was captured into "Dead City", and needed to be transported somewere else. How Dima and his team will escape and what challenges they will be able to do. All the way to the freedom and find what's happening to them. And if they ever saw their birth place or will die far away from home, in deadly battles for life into the "The Cursed Zone" of "Chernobyl" and the "Zone". Follow the story first person view of Dima A. Petrov - Dimka "Phantom".

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Cursed Zone: Dimka's Story / Factions - Great Khan.
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TheR3MAK3R Author

"The Cartel":
Leaders: „Khan“, „Yoga“.
Goals: Drugs selling, Black Marketing, Weapons selling, Robbing, Head hunting, Gang Warfare.
Attitude: Neutral.
Base: „Bar“.

Their base is the hot spot for meeting single nomads, adventurers, marauders, bikers, and militants. It was founded by a group of traveling arms dealers at the site of a previous market discovered in a ruined city. They protect their loot from constant raids by nomads and the military , faction hired one of the most powerful bands of marauders from all over the world to provide security. The history of the growing market is life with internal conflicts, assassinations, and abductions. Located on an a spacious ex-biker lot, theyr base is a notorious place. It is where marauders, gangsters, various fighters and those of all sorts from all factions meet to trade weapons, drugs and sometimes even slaves. Force is the deciding factor for everything at their base.

- Man is like a wolf to every other man and it is the right of the strong to take what they like from the weak.
- Khan.

The style of the ,,Khan‘s Cartel“ very much resembles that of the Latin American mafia and cowboy bikers. This includes leather jackets, track tops, sweatshirts, leather gloves, sneakers or boots, and so on. They cherish their armour in a special way, as they believe that armour is not only functional body protection but also a certain indication of status. The „Khan‘s Cartel“ formed not that long ago, then a Long-term line contract was signed by the cartel and the ,,Traders‘‘ , that no one can taking part Into other factions bussineses. When we talking about them, these guys are specialists In their work. The faction contains soldiers and veterans from all gangs of bandits, robbers and killers. Yeah they work like bandit gang too, but they also make a lot of connections with the „New Zone“ best fighting-power factions like „Rebels“, „Elite Stalkers“ and „Shield“, with the outside world too. For 2 years they become the head organization In drugs and weapon selling all around the zone. They’ve got very big role Into the ,,New Zone‘‘ underworld, and Into the black market too:

- Anything you want, they’ve got It. But It will cost you a bit expensive price. But don’t try to lie on them, this will cost you even expensive price - your life...

They are bandits but with a lot of specializations, they not ambush you just like that, they will make plans for the attack on you. They can kill you and robbing you, when you don't suspect anything. They working very clear or total agressive, depends on the sitution. Every stalker got chills when heard „cartels“ name. Because the stelth Isn't unknown for them too, even if stalkers are In big groups.

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„Great Khan“:
Leaders: „Khan“, „Yoga“.
Goals: Drugs and weapon selling, Proffesional robbing, Head hunting, Gang Warfare.
Attitude: Neutral.

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