Dima A. Petrov, born and raised in the Balkans, later goes living in Kharkov, Ukraine. Studied Phisics and ending high school with 2nd generation scientific level. A years later he's take part as assistant into researching city of "Pripyat", after the 1986 explosion of "Chernobyl", the mission was success. 27 years after, Dima sign one more time into trip to "Chernobyl" with scientists and militaries from East Europe, for one more Research. But from the beginning it wasn't going good, Dimka's team was kidnapped from international organization. They was captured into "Dead City", and needed to be transported somewere else. How Dima and his team will escape and what challenges they will be able to do. All the way to the freedom and find what's happening to them. And if they ever saw their birth place or will die far away from home, in deadly battles for life into the "The Cursed Zone" of "Chernobyl" and the "Zone". Follow the story first person view of Dima A. Petrov - Dimka "Phantom".

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Cursed Zone: Dimka's Story / Factions - Equality.
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TheR3MAK3R Author

Leader: „Hunter“.
Goals: Fighting for equality Into and out of the „New Zone“.
Attitude: Neutral.
,,Equality" It is a venue where loners gather together for a better chance of survival. Founded by an unknown group of scavengers with head leader ,,Hunter" who found a safe place not far from a previously populated city, more members eventually arrived and joined the camp. Some of the survivors, while travelling over the territories were halted by the elements, and considered it necessary to set up camp in the vicinity of a former settlement. There they have seen other survivors in need of help. Thus, in this safe area people formed a separate group where they had more chances of survival and equality. While „New Zone“ goes crazy, she‘s been tear apart by betraying, faction wars, deadlines starting while humans used to dominate her. Now it’s down to fight for the right of existence within this hostile environment, alongside the dangerous beasts and entire ecosystems. Ecological catastrophe engulfed the zone, human civilization was faced with the threat of extinction. The blowouts delivered a massive strike upon mankind, having sizably shrunk its numbers. Survivors were so scarce that their forces were too few to continue the resistance against the war. And they chose to made faction known today as ,,Equality".Because they can‘t take this anymore, faction members are very good soldiers, trained by the years hiding In the shadows. Now they raised for fighting something new.

- For the equality.
- Hunter.

And ,,Equality" follow their goals and will do anything to helping you. But the „New Zone“ world are not feeling the same towards them. They trying to keep the equality between big factions Into the „New Zone“. They try not starting any kind of conflict or faction war. They keep their neutrality for the most faction's or groups, made into the zone. But once again, the „New Zone“ doesn't like the good guys, and trying to clear the roads for bandits gangs getting close to them. For hinder their cause for friendship and equality, by robbing them and eventually they kill them. But the „Equality“ will grow strong now, when more and more peoples came to join them, they maybe can finish their goal one day.

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Leader: „Hunter“.
Goals: Fighting for equality Into and out of the „New Zone“.
Attitude: Neutral.

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