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Hello there, all of you stalkers here.

I came here because I would honestly like to talk about something of this notorious-ass franchise, specifically Shadow Of Chernobyl. (But I want to clarify that this is the first time I've ever played a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game in my life, since I've discovered it through it's famous 'cheeki breeki' meme on while I was watching slavic memes on YouTube like squats that gopniks do and I gotta thank a friend of mine on VR Chat who is russian and other users there who use a particular avatar of a slavic dude with a gas mask that plays hardbass music all the time that made start to ADORE slavs so much currently, no joke lol)

We all know that SoC is a very great game on its own but made even better with a mod or two thrown into it which they fix a lot of bugs and add lots of new weapons and other stuff too. But sadly this game here ain't no Fallout when it comes to adding a shit-ton of mods inside the game since its mod structure and SDK is pretty bad compared to other games which are easier to mod such as GTA V for example, so excessive merging between mods is required. That's why most of the mods on this community are merged packs with either few or tons of mods together like L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y. is, being one of my favorites next to Narodnya Solyanka DMX for having a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal.
When I first installed it along with a few mods like those I mentioned, I found out that I can only play with one mod at a time, so I had to use a very useful program called 'Smart Mod Manager' so that I can easly switch to another mod automatically (it can also merge mods too, but not with big ones tho sadly due to extreme conflicting nature which makes the game crash on boot-up).

Over the course of these days, I was looking for which mods might fit my style of gameplay, while also imagining about a very huge-ass merged mod pack featuring all of my mods that currently liked alongside other ones which I really liked just from their descriptions and images alone, while also having some few unique features and changes on its own. And that's what I want to talk about here.

Stalkers, I present to you, my own dream modpack for SoC called: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. S.L.A.V Edition!
It's essentially a freeplay type of mod where it aims to make the game closer to a slavic version of Fallout (since I love that game so much with lots of mods on it!). It's base will be L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y since I already mentioned that it has tons of mods merged together such as AMK, Complete, STALKERSOUP and so on, but it will be merged with a few more mods to include more weapons, items and features which I will mention on this list:

  • Either Doom's Mod Merge: Anonymous Edition or Xiani's Freeplay Start mod for the freeplay portion which will be it's main focus point
  • Advance Arsenal Modpack
  • Narodnya Solyanka DMX
  • Atlas Spawn Menu
  • Autumn Aurora 2
  • A little bit of Bandit Simulator because I want it to feature LOTS of vodka lol
  • E L I T E
  • Lost Alpha but only for its maps and few other stuff from it
  • A.M.N.E.S.I.A 3 for its weapons and sweet looking graphics I really liked from its images here
  • Phantoms of The Past
  • Zone of Alienation
  • OGSE
  • Lost World: Origin
  • Weapons from L.U.R.K. to complete the experience of that mod since L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y only has the textures from it
  • RadioPhobia 2 only for it's weapons
  • Some russian exclusive mods found in russian websites like UFO FREEZONE to name one for example

I also want it to have some features added in and gameplay changes such as:

  • Main story completely removed from the game in favor of a very extensive, huge and rich-ass open world sandbox gameplay. (since first I'm not personally a huge fan of it for its lore, characters and so on and second, we live in a period where pretty much open world games are the hot shit in games lately in my opinion)
  • Instead of taking place in Ukraine, why not take it place in Russia instead, with new maps based on there like Moscow and Saint Petersburg for example?
  • Even tho ALL of the characters will be present and you can still choose the faction and rank to start off with, bandits will play a HUGE part in this mod since they will be the ones having new classes, characters (like that gas mask guy avatar I mentioned before), armors and clothes based on their Adidas tri poloski (three stripes) apparels they all know and love for years officially licensed witht their real logos and updates textures of course and maybe also have them do slav squats while we're at it if it's possible perhaps! XD
  • Since almost ALL mods aim for realism on combat, especially for weapons and character stats, let's take it for the environments and atmosphere instead by removing ALL of the disgusting-ass mutants and the overall radioactive feel to it, in favour of a more normal looking experience with realistic normal weather and less contamination only limited to Chernobyl and its infamous-ass so called "Zone" just like in real life, but having situations and actions similar to those funny and weird ones featured on YouTube videos that we all laugh our asses off whenever we watch them, while making ALL of the weapons extremely arcadey and noob-friendly just like in Call Of Duty (but please for the love of God, don't make their scopes sway even a little bit, hate that shit honestly so much, it cringes me a LOT) and other mechanics less realistic like removing completely the dizzyness and other annoying-ass which really pisses me off a lot.
  • And speaking of those videos, let's have those clips on TVs all throughout the maps alongside some good ol' hardbass and other meme music such as Vitas - The 7th Element and Trololo for example on the radios and menus.
  • Custom images and screens based on LOTS of slavic memes found around the internet like CYKA BLYAT RUSH B, Cheeki Breeki and lots of other ones.
  • Tons and tons of vodka, komplot, jaguar and many other foods and beverages which all gopniks and slavs love.
  • Have some few weaboo shit from Japan thrown in but still being russian themed like Uesaka Sumire songs and lewd pics of Eli Ayase, Anastasia, Sanya, Katyusha, Nonna and Noumi. lol
  • Since this mod won't take itself too seriously and be very realistic unlike almost ALL other mods here, let's have the CoD styled hit marks with their sound effects just like in the Bandit Simulator mod and insult stalkers, monoliths, freedoms, dutys, loners and other non-bandit factions with words such as CYKA BLYAT, IDI NAHUI and Cheeki Breeki whenever you either kill one of them or press a button in a similar fashion to taunts. (This feature is only applied once you decide to play as a bandit of course)
  • About weapons: ALL weapons in this mod will be very easy to shoot and handle just like in CoD, having very little to none recoil at all based on the weapon (since I don't want them all to feel the same to each other) and no degradation. They will also be VERY customizable (just like in a GMOD mod called Customizable Weaponry 2.0) with new scopes and accessories such as silencers (which will NOT decrese range just like in real life BTW), granade launchers, magazines, lasers, flashlights and grips for almost every single weapon as long as it fits. Almost all pistols can attach a silencer (except revolvers of course), scope (long sniper ones for revolvers and little red dot ones for normal hand guns), laser and flashlight. And speaking of scopes, all of them will be made so that once you zoom into them, instead of switching to a shitty-ass texture with the camera zoomed in just like with the binoculars, you can actually see through their lenses in real time with the actual model of a scope on the weapon and only zoom the camera inside the lenses of the ACOG and sniper ones. (Just like with a handful of weapons in CW 2.0 for GMOD). I'm also considering about having updates with new weapons in each one just like with STALKERSOUP, which will all include new never seen before in the game weapons such as the Kel-Tec RFB and KSG, M1903 Springfield, IWI Negev, Chiappa Rhino and many other ones in the future.
  • Have the economy in this mod realistic where poor people sells poor stuff of course, balanced ones having the mediocre stuff and rich ones having all of the good but very expensive stuff that they want to throw away probably because they found something better than what they previously had for example. Also have the weight of the inventory pretty much limitless too so you can carry on whatever the heck you want during your trip.

I know that I said A LOT of shit here, but it's honestly because I always wanted to see this game being the most SLAV as possible, especially to celebrate the upcoming World Cup in Russia for this year in summer and overall to make the game enjoyable to either casual gamers and the ones who love stupid shit here on internet just like me. And also, I might already understand that it might either take a LONG-ass time to make it completely or be next to impossible given the amount of shit that I want for this mod, so at least all of you here can decide which features to discard completely thinking that would be impossible to be implemented in the game completely, after all, this mod is ONLY intended for fun and not pure realistic-ass gameplay I honestly got sick of seeing for many years haha.

I really hope to see this mod turn into reality one day in the near future if some of you would ADORE this idea of mine here after having read all of this, work your asses off making it and finally publish it here and other sites too perhaps.

In the meantime, let's all of us stay Cheeki Breeki, love Papa Stalin and Putin and keep rushing B forever!


(Apparently, the Reddit of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. did not love this at all and someone called me a "Boris kiddo", even tho I have NEVER watched one of his videos completely EVER in my life. So I hope that many of you would respect me here instead since this is a half-way between a joke and a real thing I hope it will exist, almost like with Bandit Simulator I think. Thank you for understanding this)

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Modders wanted


Since I'm not a modder myself currently honestly (but will be one next year after I will completely finish school and take both programming and 3D modelling studies hopefully), I need a few modders here who could help me make this mod project of mine a reality which I only planned a few days ago after having tried the game with a mod called L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y. (which already has a ton of mods merged together on its own and will be the base for even more mods to be merged with on the list of mods in the summary page) and looked around the web for other mods that I may have liked to play with.

They will be splitted in two groups: the mergers who will merge mods for it (of course lol) and tweakers who will tweak the gameplay and add new content to this mod such as weapons, maps and other stuff.

And keep in mind that I will only accept the ones who will agree on its initial idea that it's a satire parody of the game (similar to Bandit Simulator here) which will mainly inspire from slavic memes found on the internet and also because I'm not really a fan of realism and serious shit that much, so if you feel offended/disgusted by all of this, then you better have to GET OUT OF HERE, STALKER! lol

Let me know if you are interested on helping me out in this and which group you want to be in with a comment down below here. ^ ^

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