Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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After having played through the original Call or Pripyat for what I can only guess is the 2000th time, I decided to up the ante and look for the awesomest, manliest, testicle-explodingest, face-meltingest mod out there.

After perusing several forums, the consensus seemed pretty clear: the go-to mod was Misery, the 'most difficult mod ever made'.

Great! Half an hour later, everything is all set, the testosterone and adrenaline are flying high.

I enter the zone, sniper rifle in hand.
My first impression upon laying my eyes on the familiar hills of Zaton is that everything is quite pretty, albeit a little... desaturated. In fact, everything seems to be in different shades of washed-out brown and grays, and truth be told, I do recall having seen a few people complain about how different this looks from the original. But you know what? I like it! It's depressing, but then again so is the Zone itself.

I make a mental map of where I am and decide to head to the Skadovsk for supplies, banter, and, maybe, some work.
But what's this? Two dogs are in the way. Fortunately, they haven't seen me yet. The fools!
I take out my trusty sniper rifle and get down.They're not too far away - 100 yards, maybe less.

I aim down my scope and shoot.

Huh, that's funny, did I miss? The dogs seem more than a little bit irritated. In fact, they're barrelling down on me. Emaciated or not, they're fast.
I fire again. What the hell, is my scope misaligned?! They're close! Very close! I panic! I fire again and again and again! Are these blanks? What's going on?! But no, no, they can't be! I could see little bloodspatters! The dogs are on me and I draw my gun. "Guts and glory!"
One of the dogs lovingly nibbles at my tibia. I die. Horribly. My ghost is wondering how that can be.
I put it out of my mind for now, load a save and try a different strategy - I go around, taking a small detour past the burnt village. I'm quite close to it, better not go through - but wait, my screen's gone blue - a psi-field? Well, ok, better head aw...dead.

After about 10 hours in, I think this little story of how my first minutes in Misery went pretty much sums up the bulk of what I've experienced so far.

Misery is touted as the most difficult mod out there - and I guess that's true in a sense.
But here's the thing: most if not all of the difficult in the game doesn't really come from legitimate challenge but from artificially handicapping the player - having dogs that can withstand several point blank rifle shots in the head without as much as flinching while being able to kill a grown man by biting their ankle once, bandits taking several hits in the back without as much as a peep, only to do a 180 turn and pop three laser-accurate pistol rounds into your eye socket from halfway across the universe, instakilling the player for not knowing beforehand that the game is scripted to do that if they enter a certain area, spawning pseudogiants behind them out of nowhere (ever seen a pseudogiant sneaking around? No? They're THAT good!).
Sure, this stuff does technically make the game more challenging... but so is playing the vanilla game with only a knife - it's hard, yes, but not that fun.

Another thing I take issue with is the overhauled inventory and trade system, which is obviously designed to be more realistic. That's great, however I have a hard time believing that a gun repair kit just dissolves after a single use, or that no-one on the Skadovsk has a lighter (until you hit a certain progression marker), or that a trader in the middle of nowhere isn't going to give you as much as a frozen turnip for an AKM just because it's a little battered. And speaking of which, why isn't anyone carrying any ammunition?

That being said, I think the pieces for something great are here. I love the survival aspect of the game - hunting mutants and selling off their pelts, having to cook meat before you eat it or risk getting sick, the need to have medicine on hand - all these are great ideas, but the game right now simply relies too much on cheap shots to be fun.

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Survivor horror at it's finest, although slightly flawed. Once all the kinks are ironed out, this will be the definite Stalker: Call Of Pripyat mod.

Jan 15 2012 by pinkribbonscars