Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Sep 28 2013 Anchor

Hello guys, I wanted share this mod with u that I basically created for myself.

So far I found that Misery 2.0 is the best mod I saw for Stalker COP, but Artifacts System there was bad for me.
What bothered me:
1) If u can get a closer look at artifacts, then u'll understand that 2 moonlights almost same good and bad effects as 1 Snowflake, for example if 1 moonlight gave like 20% stamina and 15% more bleeding for u, then 1 snowflake gave u 40% more stamina and 30% more bleeding. THESE numbers are not exact, but u get the idea, basically we had just same artifact, with doubled GOOD & BAD attributes.
2) Cheap artifacts, I don't complain here, it's good that they were cheap, because there are a lot of artifacts in the Zone already, but there is one problem here, some high rank artifacts like Gravi, Goldfish, Snowflake, etc. they were too cheap for the game so nobody wanted to find even them. (Also if we read some info about Goldfish, then the whole Russian federation came to the zone to get this artifact, but u can sell it just for 15-20k to get some good clean food for a week)
3) Rarity. Artifacts were not rare and they were not good, so almost nobody there was an artifact hunter, we just throw a very nice part of the game out.
4) Cheap IAM, AAM, AAC etc. u know what I mean I don't remember all these abbreviations, but for some 5k rubles u get cheapest radiation solver in the game! wtf??? it's imbalanced!!! u have bottle of vodka for 1k, and for 5k u can buy "unlimited bottles of vodka", of course it works slower, but if u have it u're not bothered with radiation anymore, and with some fresh baked boar chops, u eat it, wait 20 seconds and radiation is gone.

So what this mod provides:
1) Better and worse artifacts, with NOT LINEAR attributes, some lower lvl artifacts are better than higher lvl artifacts in some cases.
All of the artifacts reworked FOR ALL OF THE CLASSES. ASSAULTER, RECON AND SNIPER. Moreover ALL THIS SHIT IS BALANCED!! It took me a long time to load stalker check artifacts, change artifacts, reload stalker, change class, do same shit... about 2 weeks... Hope you enjoy it.
2) Artifacts' price is higher, yes! not for all artifacts, nonono, nobody wants these fucking useless highly radioactive medusas anymore they are cheap as before, but if u get some Goldfish or Flame or Snowflake wohoho, u're a lucky and rich guy now!
3) Rarity. Hell yeah. I want 3 Goldfishes and my new exo is here, u know what? F*ck u. Try to find this Goldfish first. Artifacts are 2 or 3 times more rare now, no klondikes for u, this is Misery. DEAL WITH IT.
4) Wtf?? I wanted some easy shit to be like a robocop and kill everybody, at least I'm gonna buy my radiation solver problem for 5k gold and be happy with radiation is not bothering me anymore. WTF??? BEARD, WHY 25k for this shit??? F*ck u Beard.

OK, I want to install this, but I'm stupid so I don't know how to do it and I don't have awesome flashy cool installer here, what to do?
CHECK IF U HAVE 2.02 + QF, if yes then proceed.
1) Unzip it
2) Put this gamedata folder in your STALKER installation folder, REWRITE ALL OF THE 39 FILES U HAVE THERE.
Example: I was awesome cool sniper, and now I need to change my class to assaulter or recon, then I need to load game again change it back to sniper, load game again and I'm good to go.
IF i was sniper but now I want to be assaulter then I need to change to assaulter and that's it.
4) Now u can play the game, NEW GAME NOT NEEDED BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, IF U HAVE SOME WEIRD XRAY CRASHES NOW Don't blame me, I have everything go perfectly and trying this for 2 weeks. And I told you to START A NEW GAME.

Write what you think about this mod here. It would be awesome to read some letters.

Pls put messages about this mod on some websites if u like it, or if u're russian, russians have a lot of stalker websites.
Если кто тут русский, забросьте ссылочку на это сообщение с модом на русски сайты, например ap-pro и другие, буду признателен, нет времени и желания регистрироваться там, все вопросы можно задавать тут.

Changed info about artifacts.
Version 1.0.5 is here.


Bubble 1.02

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Sep 29 2013 Anchor


Sep 29 2013 Anchor

That's sad nobody checked my work, guess no one needs it... Everyone likes artifacts as they are in Misery 2.0.
New game is not needed but if u have a lot of artifacts it will be unbalanced, if u have no artifacts (almost) then u're good without new game.

Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Hi, I'll take a look at your mod in my next play through. In vanilla stalker the artifacts were almost overpowered I guess, I actually don't remember the correct names but until mid game it was really really easy to run unlimited and bleedings stopped immediately even after a SVD bullet found the target.
in AMK soljanka mod artifacts were reworked completely but still too good, in the end the player became a one man army with the better artifacts.
In misery artifacts are useless. I never used a single one - in my opinion the stats are stupid.
We'll see which stats and effects you changed :)

Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Beware, this is hardcore mod, it doesn't make game easier it's a lot harder to find artifacts with this mod (unless u're very lucky), but artifacts has more uses now, everything is balanced as i said before, u can't be one man army, unless u pay a lot of money (like for exo), which is available only near to the end of the game. I wish someone checked it so I can find what is overpowered there. But don't worry, I didn't change too much, artifacts are not completely different from misery's default artifacts, they just have more usefulness now in some cases.

Sep 29 2013 Anchor

It's alright that it is much more difficult to obtain artifacts now. In Misery it's quiet easy to collect them from anomalies wearing the orange SSP, IMO the only usage of them is earning money by selling them. Moreover artifacts are the main reason why stalkers enter the zone, I don't think they came to hunt muties. So it should be hard to get them, the better ones are expensive and rare.
I like the fact that artefacts seem to have more different cases of use in your mod cause before the only I did was selling them. I guess they should give resistance or upgrade stats like more stamina, less sleepiness or more accuracy etc. But EVERY artifact exposes radiation and has a weight of up to 4 kg, I always found that using a artifact had more drawbacks than useful advantages/attributes.
I know the modders did that with reasonable thoughts, but it didn't work for me.

Edited by: spes

Sep 29 2013 Anchor

UNfortunately u can't modify sleepiness or accuracy with artifacts. Maybe u can, but there are no guides over internet showing that u can do it.
Hope someone is gonna install mod soon and give me some feedback ^_^

kcs123 Just Kcs123
Sep 29 2013 Anchor

@Phoenix , all of your job sounds interesting, but I'm near the end of playtrough and new patch will probably be available soon, so most of the people waiting to comes out to start new playtrough.

At current state I have found usefull shell, batery, moonlight and flash artifact. All of them are lightweigt and gives you stamina and psi protection boost.
They are very usefull when you have to fight with PSI cretures like burer, conroler and politgeist and also when you need to haull cargo like a mule to trader.
Just need to be careful to not get hit or you will bleed out in second.

When new patch comes out you will probably have to adjust mod to be more compatible with patched scripts.


Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Sure, I'll update it as soon as new patch will come.
The bad thing about it that it removes radiation protection, so u can be irradiated in some places easily like in the start of the game, that's why u need to be careful ^_^

Anything else about artifacts?)

kcs123 Just Kcs123
Sep 29 2013 Anchor

No, I need to test it to give you better feedback, but just like I'm said, waiting to finish the game and for new patch to comes out.


Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Oh, if u near the end, u can install it and check)

kcs123 Just Kcs123
Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Nope, I can't. Some of your files are in conflict with my own and I need to keep my game install "clean" until finish the game.
But, I have looked in the files to see what was changed and can give you opinion about it.

IAC is actualy usefull now compared to Misery vanilla, gives you more radioactive protection but it is more expensive and worth buying.
Means, you can equip higer grade artifact with only 1 IAC, but you didn't change prices at traders, so when you found IAC or AAC as loot on bodies or in stash, you will be rich too quickly, and you can found all of containers on bodies. I have found 3-4 different artifact containers as loot in current playtrough.
Btw, i have been tweaked antirad value of containers in version 2.0, but currently playing as vanilla to see how it fits in later parts of the game.

Rising chances for loot on dead mutants ? I don't know, have to try play game with new settings to see if the game is outbalanced or not.
And I agree with you that artifact part of the game need more balance. It have to be hard to obtain artifact, and it should be lucrative.
Overall, I think that you have made step in right direction.


Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Well I see your point, I never thought about changing price for traders because I never found any IAM or AAC or AAM on anybody or anywhere in Zaton and Yanov, that's why I didn't change it. I guess u're right here and I'm gonna change it in 1.01 version, thanks.

Also U can put up to 4 artifacts with 1 AAM, but sometimes only 1, it depends on artifacts.
Also higher grade artifacts usually emit less radiation because they are more stable, but it's not a common rule for all artifacts, it varies.

kcs123 Just Kcs123
Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Do not change selling price of trader, only amount of money he give you when you want to sell back to them. Surplus artifact containers still could be used as materials for repairing outfit.
I have done similar thing with my repair kit tweak, you can look at the trader files to see how to change prices.
To make your job easier you can download my files and compare it to vanilla. Here is the link:


Sep 30 2013 Anchor

Thanks for saving some time for me

Mod updated to version 1.02 with few artifacts balanced, for example bubble on the picture.

Edited by: Phoeinx

kcs123 Just Kcs123
Oct 6 2013 Anchor

Now I can try this in new playtrough. One little complain for main menu script. You should merge it with Yasti's quick hardsave tweak. That one is must have to save time and nerve. You can find it here:Moddb.com
And Yasti has also put link in his thread for this mod. I'm not the only one thinking that is good tweak :)

Edited by: kcs123


Oct 6 2013 Anchor

I looked it through, there is no need to merge it, if u use it then install my mod first and after this install Yasti's tweak and rewrite everything, that's it.
Btw I updated it for version 1.04 for little more balance and removal of too cheating ability of artifact flame.
Redownload and rewrite)

Edited by: Phoeinx

kcs123 Just Kcs123
Oct 6 2013 Anchor

Well, I didn't use your ui_main_menu.script, I have left Yastis, but other player may not know what they need to change, so I wrote post here.
I have installed v1.02 and from 1.04 I need only "items_artefacts.ltx", right ?
I don't want to overwrite everything becouse I have merged your mod with my own tweaked files.


Oct 7 2013 Anchor

yes, items_artefacts for all classes and also u need to change full folder gamedata\configs\scripts
btw, don't forget to
Example: I was awesome cool sniper, and now I need to change my class to assaulter or recon, then I need to load game again change it back to sniper, load game again and I'm good to go.
IF i was sniper but now I want to be assaulter then I need to change to assaulter and that's it."

otherwise u'll get no new stats)

Also 1 important thing, you really should look for minus psy protection, if u use some artifacts with minus psy protection then u can die with blowout despite of safe zones)

Edited by: Phoeinx

Oct 8 2013 Anchor

I do not understand: I'm assoulter and I do not want to start a new game. Do I just need to load my savegame and play, or start new game, change class, then change back to assoluter and finally load my savegame?

Yastiandrie The new Badmin
Oct 8 2013 Anchor

sergiopappalardo78 wrote: I do not understand: I'm assoulter and I do not want to start a new game. Do I just need to load my savegame and play, or start new game, change class, then change back to assoluter and finally load my savegame?

I think what he means is change class to something else, then back again..You dont need to start a new game

Oct 9 2013 Anchor

Yeah, that's it, thanks Yasti

Oct 10 2013 Anchor

OK, everything is working! Good job Phoeinx!
But I thought artifacts had now less readioactive, stille they are quite useless... :(

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Sure, they are useless if u don't know how to use them, they are a lot harder to find, but some of them can make u almost unkillable, if u use them properly.

kcs123 Just Kcs123
Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Artifacts doesn't have less radioactivity, but artifact containers provide much more protection now. Most of artifacts have less weight and even heavy weight "goldfish" artifact while weight ~9 kg gives you additional ~18 kg weight capacity. Meaning if you attachi it to the belt it gives you additional ~9 kg of equipment you can carry. If you calculate the weight of AAC needed for it then it gives you ~5kg of weight capacity. But it also gives you better protection then 4 attached steel plates. As disadvantage it lowers your radioactive protection but that can be easy dealt.

If you aim only to additional carry weight maybe it is better to use just titanium frames, but frames doesn't give you bullet protection.

@Phoeinx, maybe is better to put in description "It gives you protection like 4 steel plates" rather then "It gives you additional 20% of protection" that will give players more insight what protection artifact offer. It doesn't bothers me, but other players maybe don't have a clue of additional protection.
Just constructive feedback, I will report more when I try to use more artifact in the game.

Btw, I have found that goldfish near dredge station as soon I got vales detector and search area first time in the game. Also I found bubble artifact in swamp near crashed heli. Both of them in early part of the game. I don't know if I'm just lucky or if it is meant to be like that.


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