If you haven’t played 2007’s most immersive and atmospheric shooter, or you’re back for replay, this mod is for you. This is the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like you’ve never seen before, with updated graphics and added functionality that don’t change the original story or gameplay. The game hasn’t been changed beyond recognition, but rather enhanced while preserving the core elements that made it the unique experience it is.

Son_of_Ares800 says

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When I first saw the features provided by this mod, my jaw almost hit the ground. With updated graphics, game mechanics and soundtrack, who wouldn't want the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Complete 2009 mod.

Playability: 9.5
With most of the bugs from vanilla S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl eliminated, there is now a fully streamlined experience where you only have to worry about where your next opponent will appear from instead of hoping that the bugs won't ruin your next mission.

The big addition is the ability for freeplay. You can now skip the campaign and play just for fun, as well as joining any faction you please.
This however may not seem worth it as most of the hostile factions (Army, Monolith, etc.) will not interact with you.

Other great features include a sleeping bag, updated ragdoll physics, High Resolution Scopes, Repair kits, Black and White Nightvision, Fast Travel, Third-Person viewing as well as several other additions.

Balance: 9
NPCs (both friendly and hostile) throwing grenades, healing each other and other ways to interact with each other allow a more realistic experience, letting you deal with tougher enemies at some points. The improved HUD lets the player see these thrown grenades and also allow the player know when he is noticed.

Creativity: 10
New weapon/character/environment skins, guitar tracks and sound effects all create a much more immersive experience. The dynamic weather is really done well, bringing this up to a 10

Map Design: 9.5
No changes in map design, but there are changes in the detail of the shrubbery, buildings along with just about everything else. Also, everyone likes bird shooting.

Story/Instructions: 9.5
Not much done hear, just little bits and pieces. Those little bits and pieces however do make a noticable difference. Changes in text make it that much more believable.

A fantastic mod, the absolute ultimate in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl Modding. I give this mod: 9.5 (Rounded up to 10)

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i just loved it..............
waiting for cop complete..........

Dec 6 2010 by shivam121