Call of Misery started as an unofficial port of Misery 2 to Call of Chernobyl but has since gone on to add its own features and changes. There are now many addons for CoM itself, most of which are released in Russian. This mod has CoM and some of the popular addons for CoM along with some of the translations for them. Credit will be given in each mod and addon to the creators and translators.

WNxHeadShot says

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So I decided to play this after seeing a guy play the mod and it looked interesting. I installed it with a few addons like STCoM WP with it's respective fix and english translation and the Outfit Addon. I run the game and set up the settings then I close it for them to take effect.

When I re-started the game it just crashes to desktop giving an unhandled exception. I reinstalled the mod and ran it again, this time it was default with no other addons and it ran fine. Then I close it and re-start it again just to see if it would crash and it certainly did. It's a pain in the *** to uninstall and reinstall the whole freaking thing over and over when I want to play the game.

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STALKER will never die... <3

May 26 2017 by craks.exe