A combination of bug fixes, many small mods, better AI and AI armies, more provinces, graphical improvements and many other campaign and battle map changes. The whole game offers now a much greater challenge!

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Fenghuan says

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AWESOME GAME. gives muslim and and middle eastern factions the attention they deserve, although their units are still a little worse than Europe's which is weird and the Ottomans dont spring up in Late era campaign. I was kinda hoping for the Ottoman faction. Not many mods represent them, vanilla messes 'em up and all the times they are seen in the TW franchise is when they are in decline. I wish TW or a modder could make an Ottoman mod because even if CA makes a Pike and Shotte TW i have a bad feeling they are just going to completely misrepresent the Ottomans especially since in Empire Vanilla TW you can't play as the Mughals which is absolute crap (there are mods that fix this). they said that their target market is western countries basically and to summarize and simplify, they dont give a **** about properly representing middle-eastern or Muslim dynasties. China also needs their own TW. Anyway i went way of topic. This mod is a must have and anyone who loves Med 2 will be delighted by it. The campaign is so realistic and the ability to choose which mods you want at the setup is really convenient. Also there are a lot of submods.


� says

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to many bugs right now...

Nice but unstable

Fcking Epic

The best mod for Medieval Total War 2 if you want something historical!


Stupid_Brick says

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Fantastic mod, adds a ton of realism to the game. Has a larger campaign too. Hotseats on stainless steel are epic too. Only thing that triggers me is the title. Stainless steel (Low carbon content)wasnt invented until 1913.

Huge array of new features, unit imbalance an issue, first battle 1 unit of polish cav cuts through 2 units of knights and my general. Ragequit.

a good mod for m2.

Stainless Steel is by far best mod ever released for Medieval 2: Total War, offer players a better experience in which they can choose between 26 factions and fought with their enemies for supremacy over Europe, Middle East and North Africa. All is well-crafted by a team of talented modders. Highly reccmmanded!

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Sep 14 2017 by Fenghuan