New Buildings

  • Synthetic Dark Matter Lab
  • Synthetic Engos Vapor Refinery
  • Synthetic Garanthium Ore Factory
  • Synthetic Living Metal Facility
  • Synthetic Lythuric Gas Refinery
  • Synthetic Neutronium Factory
  • Synthetic Orillium Ore Factory
  • Synthetic Pitharan Dust Facility
  • Synthetic Satramene Gas Refinery
  • Synthetic Teldar Crystal Factory
  • Synthetic Terraforming Gas Refinery
  • Synthetic Terraforming Liquid Facility
  • Synthetic Yuranic Crystal Lab
  • Synthetic Zro Facility

To use them you will need to reaserch a corresponding technology.

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Installers Tutorial
  1. Download mod
  2. Open yout stellaris mod folder (Usually you can find it here C:\Users\\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod)
  3. Unpack SSR folder and SSR.mod file to the mod folder
  4. Enable Sythetic Strategic Resources in your launcher
RSS Files
Synthetic Strategic Resources 1.0

Synthetic Strategic Resources 1.0

Full Version

The first version of this mod. All features present.

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