Squad Level Tactics is a mission for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising that focuses primarily on the players ability to command a squad of AI soldiers through a gauntlet of hostile PLA forces in an attempt to complete a series of dynamic mission objectives. This mission offers a completely dynamic tactical gaming experience. With random weather, time of day, infantry and vehicle spawning, objective placement and the complete use of the island of Skirinka in addition to the entire island of Skira, anyone will be able to play this mission with virtually unlimited outcomes.

kingbankai says

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I love this mod. I play it quite a bit but the only 2 complaints I have is that sometimes it will not save with also the saves sometimes do not load... So I would have to start over. But I really wish god mode for US was not timed. Because it is fun to mow over people without baby sitting my squad. But more or less this is a 10/10 but modDB will not let me rate this higher than 8. I hope you can make a stand alone of this. Would be fun with Watch Dogs game engine.

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