Darkness - Versatility - Dungeons. Horror instead of commerce.

Download v 0.7 (Alpha) | Testing/Dev/Multiplayer (Discord)

This is for TESTING, tell me what you tested on Discord.

Making the game dark & scary.

Concentrated dark fantasy / horror

Not dilluted with a pleasant stay in town and commerce.


Fans of Diablo 1 and other dark 90's games (Hexen, Heretic, Quake 1, etc), this is a project you might want to follow.

People only looking at D2 like an early and lacking mmorpg, time to say goodbye.

Version 0.7 marks the departure from vanilla D2 gameplay.

This mod is for you if...

  • You just finished playing Diablo 1 again and want to play Diablo 2
  • You want a darker and harder experience
  • You like to make weird / original character builds
  • You agree that "less is more" -- that it's better have less things that can be used in more circumstances
  • You want to have fun and care less about getting "perfect gear"

Stay away from this mod if...

  • You don't appreciate a dark mood and art in the game
  • Your favorite skill is blessed hammer
  • You can't live without the enigma runeword
  • You like to be showered with items constantly
  • You want a total conversion


    • Requires Diablo 2 with Lord of Destruction expansion
    • Tested working with Diablo 2 LOD version 1.13d and 1.14d
    • Windows / Mac compatible (including PowerPC)
    • Single player / LAN / Open Battle.net compatibility (you should use private games though...)

What you can expect playing this mod

  • Different character classes
    • Amazon: Javelin and spear, but also a wide choice of one-handed and two-handed sword skills
    • Warrior: Paladin + Barbarian skills
    • Rogue: Archer class, fire arrows extremely fast, has useful skills for survival
    • Dark Sorcerer: Male witch - bone, curses and elemental spells
    • Sorceress: Spells that were in Diablo 1 behave the way you would expect them to for the most part (eg: Chain Lightning, Nova, Mana Shield)
  • A "Shared" tab where you have access to skills from other character classes
    • Skills in the "Shared" tab are shared between at least 2 characters
    • There are no synergies in this tab
    • The "Shared" tab is different depending on your character
    • Max level for this tab is level 5
    • You can go beyond level 5 is you pick up Magic Books
    • Magic Books only work with the "Shared" tab
  • Several Diablo 1 inspired game mechanics
    • Potion system, including insta life/mana refil and a range of random values for small potions
    • Mana barely goes up by itself
    • Diablo 1 inspired "Hp/mana gained by level and by stat points" system
    • Diablo 1 inspired items and gold drop rates
    • Max skill level is 15 (for the first 2 tabs)
  • Diablo 1 mood
    • Darker levels except in town
    • No bright stuff that looks out of place compared to the Diablo theme
    • Most monsters don't light up the environment
    • No super ridiculous looking attacks (whirlwind, leap, etc)
  • Being on your own, unless you play multiplayer...
    • No mercenaries
    • Only 3 summon spells:
      • Raven
      • Golem (and the golem doesn't follow you at all, it has a mind of it's own)
      • Decoy
  • A greater emphasis on the random factor
    • Drops are a lot more random, and magic / rare items can be both worse (negative modifiers) or way better than you'd expect
    • A greater flexibility is advised to go through the levels
    • No runes, so instead of a list of 10 runeword items that everybody uses, you actually have a lot of different great random magic / rare items you can use (you can use set or unique items too)

... and many more changes I haven't listed here.

Spirit of Diablo level up stats

  • Level up = 2 levels, 10 stat points, 2 skill points
  • The Warrior, Rogue, and Dark Sorc have the same str, dex, vit, mana and hp starting stats as their D1 equivalent (dark sorc is based on D1 sorc stats)
  • Life & mana per level / per stat point for the Warrior, Rogue, Dark Sorc and Sorc are D1 stats multiplied by 1.25 and rounded up
  • The Amazon's stats are in between those of the Warrior and Rogue
  • The Sorceress has -5 str and +5 dex compared to the D1 sorc

Life per level up (lvl X 2):

Amazon, Warrior, Rogue: 5 pts
Dark Sorc, Sorc: 2.5 pts

Mana per level up (lvl X 2):

Amazon: 4 pts
Warrior: 2.5 pts
Rogue, Dark Sorc, Sorc: 5 pts

Life per vitality pt:

Amazon: 2.25 pts
Warrior: 2.5 pts
Rogue: 2 pts
Dark Sorc, Sorc: 1.25 pts

Mana per magic pt:

Amazon: 1.5 pts
Warrior: 1.25 pts
Rogue: 2 pts
Dark Sorc, Sorc: 2.5 pts

..and for those who forgot, or have never played Diablo 1....

Things that make Diablo 1 Diablo 1....

  • Dark Fantasy/Horror theme
  • Isolation
  • Having to do with that you've got
  • Character build flexibility (shared spells, all items can be used by all classes)
  • Your hero is not a total show off
  • You don't grind the levels, the levels grind you down slowly
  • Finding items means survival and not completing your cookie cutter build

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Spirit of Diablo v 0.7 (Alpha) released!

Link to mod page

Making the game dark & scary.

With this version the town is no longer so important.
Survive with what you can get, and try not to get lost in the dark...
It's a different genre from the Diablo 2 you are used to.

I don't know this guy but good video! Timestamp for bloodraven
I don't speak this language but maybe you do ;)

Some features:
  • There's no potions in town, no "blue items" for sale, and later in the game merchants don't even sell any gear.
  • Many changes have been made to make it possible to keep moving forward without going to town.
  • There's very few details on the minimap, you will have to figure out where to go
  • You are not an overpowered hero and a lot of monsters can run faster than you do. Beware!
  • Shorter and more intense act 2 (sewers, palace, arcane, canyon, tomb)


Spirit of Diablo = making the game focus about what the title says...

Diablo is a game about demons after all... Diablo is the name of the main Demon in the game... Also :


Contrary to popular belief, Diablo doesn't mean "Overpowered characters and trading obsession".

Shocking, right? :O

Spirit of Diablo v 0.7 very early tests

Spirit of Diablo v 0.7 very early tests


- New HUD - New monster spawning pattern A lot of things will be different in version 0.7. Darker, scarier, faster paced than v 0.6c, and you will be...

Sorc spells & unedited Rogue and Amazon gameplay videos

Sorc spells & unedited Rogue and Amazon gameplay videos


Some things to notice in the Rogue / Amazon vids: - realistic run/walk speed (slower than original) - how long it takes to run out of stamina - darker...

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Spirit of Diablo v 0.7 (Public Alpha)

Spirit of Diablo v 0.7 (Public Alpha)

Full Version 3 comments

This version shifts the focus towards dungeons and quests and away from the comfort of town. Very dark, scarier, new UI, higher item quality and diversity...

Spirit of Diablo D2SE config

Spirit of Diablo D2SE config

Installer Tool

Installation instructions and config file for D2SE. You need to download "Spirit of Diablo" before following the instructions provided here.

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