AArcade's niche is to provide uninhibited Windows functionality, but with a 3D world of shortcuts instead of a 2D wallpaper. This includes performance & compatibility equal to what users experience natively on Windows. Have you ever spent long hours in a video game, and didn't want to quit when it came time to do homework? AArcade turns your useless desktop wallpaper into a game world. You use your PC like normal, but AArcade is now your wallpaper. Launch your shortcuts from AArcade, or just launch them from Windows like normal. AArcade does not get in the way. There is a hidden world between worlds. A world that is normally only seen through lists, links, and menus. A world that we've known as other worlds have come and gone. A world that exists between everything we do on our computers. THAT is the world of Anarchy Arcade.

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Yo dawg... We heard you love Half-life?.. So we put Half-life inside your Half-life, so you could play Half-life while you play Half-life O_O

But yesh!, That's not just way funny, it's fully .. ehm. still playable!

You got score, you get unlockables.. I should give a smaller score, cuz there is still plenty and plenty things to be done, but meh.. You surprised the man who get used to everything long time ago.

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very good concept

Oct 11 2011 by darknigthmare