Mod has been terminated due to losses of data and general sanity. No reactivation is planned indefinitely. Dead mod is dead.

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This mod was designed with combat tweaks in mind from the very start, but later on I decided to add some interesting features to the game as well as making it very flexible for personal customizations of its user. So I present you detailed information about each individual feature in this mod.

Part 1, technical and AI
Section 1, Combat.

- Dynamic and realistic weapon damage based upon barrel length and caliber that is used.

- HIGHLY accurate NPC combat. Now its a choice between picking a fight and getting slaughtered or going on with your day. All (and I mean all) human NPCs have had their accuracy raised substantially to make it more challenging while in combat. No longer will there be dragged out fire fights between NPCs or short and sweet fights between the player and his enemies, now you really have to use cover and try your hardest not to get hit. One shot, one kill.

- Faction armor strengths and resistances. Each faction has dynamic immunities to gun fire,explosions, and mutant attacks. Some weaker than most, others stronger than a chimera, and even those who are in between. This has now been adjusted almost 100%, with over 36 different character immunities all properly tied to the Variation mod's new NPC models. This has ensured a very unique style of combat in the game.
This can be made into a stand alone addon for individual or merging use upon request.

-Weaker mutants that hit harder and faster than ever before. Mutants, like the blind dog, pseudodog, chimera, korovos (bloodsucker), controller, snork, and boar have had their resistances to being shot lowered, while at the same time being able to deal more greater damage and move faster. Others, like the Giant, tuskano (hamster), and flesh have had their resistances raised and attacks beefed up. This makes Stalker-mutant or player-mutant combat more interesting and difficult.

-(work in progress) Dynamic gun behaviors. All the guns in the game behave and act differently from the others. Some are reliable but inaccurate, while others are accurate but unreliable, and others are just completely all over the place in performance. Each one of these ties into combat and makes the player decide if he wants that long lasting MK.66, that quick shooting AK-74A3, or that super accurate MK.14 Compact. (I will release screenshots of the weapons with descriptions about them so you can decide ahead of time).

- Factions combat. The faction firefights are very quick, but devastating to say the least. Each faction has its own method of combat and its own preferred arsenal of fire arms. This makes combat dynamic and requiring different methods of engagement against ones enemies.

- Reduced the players health and resistances. No longer will the player be a bullet sponge. This is done to have him on par with some types of NPCs when it comes to general health. The player can be killed just as quick as any normal NPC can in firefights or mutant encounters. Players will be just as fragile and weak as a small new born puppy in the middle of a snork den.

- Long distance firefights. Now the NPCs can fire at longer distances, allowing more complicated combat against the player's self-made enemies in the game.

- Head shot only zombies. Yes that is right, now zombies can be only killed with head shots. This will make the zombie hordes.. I mean squads more difficult for the player and the regular Stalkers to kill and make combat against them very dangerous.

Section 2, Flexibility.

- Flexibility with many other mods. This mod can have other mods added to it with little to no merging required. Very compatible with the beloved AF3, Particle paradise, Kaplan's arsenal mod, and many others that are small or stand alone addons like the ones stated earlier. AI mods like MSO and Alundio's AI tweaks are capable of being merged, but there are mild compatibility issues with them (though I assume its more my computer causing them than the actual addons).
This will have to be tested on a more capable computer.

- Customizable to user preference. Anyone with the knowledge of how these files work can easily change the settings to their own preference.

Section 3, Performance.

- Smooth operation and minimal lag. The utter simplicity of this mod combined with the low amount of memory take up space and process usage makes this mod very smooth in operation with little to no lag.

- (work in progress) Usable on any computer monitor. There are issues with the screen size for most scopes, this has almost been completely eradicated.

Section 4, Gameplay and story.

- Three new factions.

-UNITED FACTIONS: A peaceful unification of Duty, Freedom, and any surviving Clear Sky members that have banded together rather than kill each other over separate beliefs. The former Duty members serve as the mutant hunting portion, while the Freedom and Clear Sky sections act more of a security and science force for the Stalkers and at times the Ecologists or even the Military.

-DARKSTAR Environmental Investigation Service: A foreign military division sent to collect information about the zone and its technological advancements uses under permission of the Ukrainian government and NATO. The most technologically advanced faction ever seen in the Zone's history and also the most friendly to Stalkers. Notorious for being perfect fighters and the most willing to share weapons, armor, and at times soldiers with Stalkers.

-(currently subjected to a name change and story is being re-vamped to better reflect origin)
: Paramilitary. (reworking the background on them current, so there is a temporary lack of a description).

- Character variation. Thanks to Darkenneko, this mod will allow the player to see a more varied
zone making the game not so linear and bland with the characters.

- Story line tweaks while keeping the original story. Tweaks have been completely reworked and merged in to the original story line along with the additions of new factions and in general story modifications.

- Renamed weapons. Weapons renamed to be more fitting to the story and give a new twist to the
original story.

-(work in progress) "New" weapons models. Phasing out the old weapon models for more up-to-date
realistic models thanks to the Shoker and AMK weapons
mods. This is still work in progress.
- Addition of HD textures. I am currently gathering some of the most highest resolution textures I have and completely remaking others so they do not look like 8 bit fluff smeared onto a mesh, like STALKER textures usually are. I am also in the process of making more effective and more detailed camoflauge uniforms for the Military and Mercenary NPCs, to better improve visual realism.

- Large squads and traveling NPCs. Some squads have been raised (mainly novice NPC squads) in number to make combat difficult. This does not mean more spawn points or more squads, just the general size of the already existing squads have become larger. This was done to counter balance the heightened, almost perfect accuracy of the NPCs. This also makes some points in the game more difficult due to large combat groups being encountered, rather than the tiny and ineffective 2 or 4 man squads not even scratching the player. This does not make the zone over crowded in any form, the amount of spawns and the rates of which these characters spawn are the exact same, again; the size of certain squads have been raised, not the amount of squads that spawn. This change applies to all factions.

Section 5, Future improvements.

- I hope that at some point I will be able to add Shadow of Chernobyl maps and the great Swamps from Clear Sky to give the player more exploration rather than the regular play pin size Call of Pripyat maps.

- More missions so the player does not get bored with the game during free-play. More missions the better!

- More weapons. I want to add more weapons to the mod and maybe even a few of my own designs (which are practical, nothing super science fiction like lasers or other Gauss weapons) to better variate the amount of weapons available to the player throughout the game.

Now get out of here Stalker!

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