Adds maps set on various planets and moons throughout our Solar System to SWBF2's Instant Action. Both stock eras include new sides with enhanced visuals and sounds, as well as new hero units. Supports Mass Effect era if installed.

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Open beta?! New faction?! Spontaneous combustion due to overwhelming excitement!

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Yep! You read that right! A new faction is underway! Not only that, but you can download and play it right now in the open beta! But why have I decided to release an open beta? I need feedback, and the amount of feedback I'm getting in my private beta sessions is little-to-none, so I've decided to let everyone give things a shot and debug the mod for yourselves!

View Build Manifest

To install the patch, view or download the build manifest by following the link above; the build manifest contains everything you need to know about this build. As soon as you have the build manifest open, next to "File Path," follow the link "Patch Version (R4-R5) (MediaFire)" to download the R5 production patch setup file.

If you do decide to play the open beta, I implore you to not just pass up any bugs you encounter as things that "somebody else reported/will probably report," but instead take the 5-10 minutes to report the bugs. It's easy, it doesn't take very much time, and it will help improve the mod. Don't feel obligated to report things, but keep in mind the simple fact that the quality of the mod is largely based on the bugs that are and are not reported.

Report a Bug


Anyways, right now you're probably wondering what this new faction is, and the answer is... Evolved Geth! That's right, Evolved Geth, and at the moment the faction can fight the Collectors or the Heretic Geth. The Heretic Geth are basically the old Geth faction. Why would geth fight each other, you might ask? As you may or may not know, in the Mass Effect lore, the geth branched into two separate groups: geth who worship the Reapers (or "Old Machines" in geth terms) and attack those who pass beyond or travel near the Perseus Veil, and geth who fight the Reapers and choose to ally themselves with the Systems Alliance and other "good guys."

The Evolved Geth faction is mostly based on the playable Geth classes in Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer mode; the list of Evolved Geth classes in MEU are as follows (classes based on playable ME3 MP are marked with an *asterisk, and classes based on ME3 versions of enemies are italicized):

  • * Geth Trooper
  • * Geth Infiltrator
  • Geth Rocket Trooper
  • * Geth Engineer
  • Geth Hunter
  • Geth Pyro
  • * Geth Juggernaut
  • Geth Prime (Hero)

If you want to jump right in and play as or against the Evolved Geth, open up the Configuration Utility and change the Faction Combination from "Random" to "Evolved Geth vs. Collectors" or "Evolved Geth vs. Heretic Geth."



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Chrome won't let me download, something about Malicious Content.
Ah well, in the mean time I'll ask; How will the upgrade from R5 Beta to R5 Full be, how long till the R5 Full release/Patch, and will this mess up my Game or not?

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Marth8880 AuthorSubscriber

You have to tell Chrome to download the file regardless.

re: Your first question: What? Second question: Not sure. Depends on stuff. And thangs. Last question: No. Why would I release something that messes up people's games?

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I shall reply in the same way you did.

Chrome only gives me the option to dismiss it

First, I mean, when R5 is released, will I have to uninstall the Beta, or will it uninstall/patch it automatically?
Second, Ok.
Last, I should trust that it won't from now on.

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Marth8880 AuthorSubscriber

The beta is really just a production build (instead of a release build). There really are no differences between production builds and release builds other than the fact that production builds contain unfinished content. So to answer your question, R5's release build will patch the "beta" automatically.

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Ok then. Thank you! You guys are doing an amazing job. Never seen a mod with this much polish.

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