Snow-War is a Half-Life mod based around snowballs fights. When you spawn to Snow-War server, you first have one snowball. To make more you just have to press "make snowball" button. You can carry maximum of 3 snowballs at time unless you find ballbag power-up. You can see the amount of snowballs in the lower-right corner. You can throw your snowball by pressing and releasing the throw snowball button, and the longer you hold the button, the longer the ball will fly. It's actually very simple, but because the ball is lot slower than bullet, hitting some one moving is very hard. And that's the point that makes Snow-War sessions very intensive -or frustrative, depending how bad you are :-) To gain frags in Snow-War, you must hit someone with snowball usually two times. You can see your own health level on the temperature meter. When it reaches zero, you have been fragged! More information of different game modes and power-ups can be found in the manual that comes with...

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Snow-War Anniversary!

News 4 comments

30.12.2000, 4 years ago Snow-War site went public. It has been a long road, but I think it was worth it. Despite all the difficulties we have managed...

Snow-War 2.0 is RELEASED!

News 1 comment

I am so happy to announce that Snow-War 2.0 is now available for download! Here are some stats from this release: -Steam support -19 maps -12 player models...

Snow-War 2.0 Linux Server released!


We have released the linux server files for upcoming Snow-War 2.0! The windows client/server version should be released within this week. Basically everything...

Snow-War Screenshots

News 7 comments

Snow-War website at has updated with 12 new screenshots. They are from our beta testing sessions and as you can see, things are going good! Here are 3...

Snow-War host change!


I'd like to announce the lauch of our website on a new host, HL Gaming! They were nice enough to host us since our previous host was becoming difficult...

New video for Snow-War!


Jan "eddi" Hartung, made new cool video of our upcoming release. It shows you the maps and player models in the final release. And don't...

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