Note: Im taking last preparations for the SMOD: Realism Beta release. Please keep in mind that this mod is still unfinished and probaly has bugs etc.

So finally after so long time it finally gets released...

SMOD: Realism

At first I want to clarify that this mod is in Beta stage and will probaly never leave it, sincer I dont have enough motivation to work further on it.

What is SMOD: Realism?
-SMOD: Realism is a Half-Life 2 modification using the famous "Super-Mod" as a base. It combines realistic gun behaviour with the world of Half-Life.

Key features:
-Over 30 weapons, including 30 new realistic weapons + Half-Life 2 weapons like the Gravity Gun and the classy crowbar.
-Randomized events in the HL2 singleplayer campaign, you never know what will happen even tough you already played the mod trough once.
-New NPCs, including L4D like Infected Zombies, The Bullsquid and Houndeye from Half-Life 1, Friendly Soldiers and alot of new Combine troops.
-Enhanced graphics thanks to SMOD.
-Half-Life 1 like squad members: press use on them to make them join your squad.
-Enhanced Combine and Metropolice radio chatter and voices (Credits go to OnemanShow)
-Holdout and Zombie survival gamemode as optional download.

Bugs/Things you need to know to make the mod work:
Since SMOD: Realism is still beta it does include bugs. Heres a list things you need to know:
-It requires your hl2.exe to be LAA, if you dont know what that is then chek out my tutorial:
-Select your difficulty after you edited the other options
-I have not edited the menu options yet, so some options like leaning and "quick-crobwaring"(thanks to Pepsi for the script) must have their key applied trough editing the config.cfg. You can find it in the "cfg" folder in the main folder.
-If you have problems with some NPCs speaking German, then delete the folder "combined" in: smodrl/sound/
-Due to the Steampipe update fix, the playermodel will be overwriten everytime you go to the options menu, if you want the original playermodel back write this into the console: cl_playermodel models/player/p_gsg9.mdl

Future of the mod:
I've been working very hard on this mod, for several years. After so long time I lost alot of motivation, and dont feel like developing the mod further. However, I dont say that I will be the case for ever. I might get a motivation boost in future.

-Mainly: The_Author, Counter-Life, Feather Gust(a.k.a Alvaol63) and Josh Z.
-Pepsifan04 for fixing the SteamPipe problem
-OneManShow, BIZ and Veteran_Gamer for Mapadd references and templates
-Many other people providing models, textures etc. A full credit list can be found inside the mod folder(still incomplete)
-Of course VALVe Software for creating the best FPS ever made.

Release Video:

SMOD: Realism Release video - Mod DB

Download Links:
12 parts:


Other mirror for part 1 to 3(in one .rar) Others will follow soon:


Thanks to Monkatraz!

And as always, report any bugs you find.

Optional update 1 by Antivirus_404:

- Removed all of the unneccesary weapon sounds
- Fixed the sound scripts
- Made new origins and ironsights for all weapons
- Changed some weapon sounds
- By fixing the sound scripts, I removed all unneccesary sound entries

Please keep in mind that I do not provide support for user-made patches/fixes/addons. If you have questions or found bugs please inform the creator of the patch/fix/addon.

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Oh yeah I think what I want to do is make the gun lower when I use the Kick attack because thats what I'm replacing. Still I don't know how to do that. Can it be done through the config files?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I am trying to swap the kick for this knife attack this mod has on Smod Standalone, so I did most of it right, the knife stab works the sound is right, tha problem is the gun does not lower when I stab and it goes through the gun, how do I make the gun lower when I stab?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

dead not big suprise

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

McAfee says that the torrent website will give me a virus or something

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

Why are you using mcafee...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

why do oyu let it die WHY!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

place on the mega, 4shared or minhateca

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

mediafire link does not work

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Almost every time I change maps, my game crashes. Can someone help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

any way to change difficulty? the smod difficulty at main menu don't work, coz the default setting the npc etc are just way way too accurate and shoot at u before u even get around the corner first time with perfect accuracy.. this is just not realistic... anyone know how to change that to a more realistic firefight feel?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

in the config file theres options for accuracy etc of ai, changed that among other stuff now firefights are better :) this mod is amazing I can never play hl stock again so spoiled now lol, im searching but ill ask anyway I notice some weapons u can see the selected firemode, is there a way to change it? 3 round burst to single on m16 for example

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can you show me how you did it? Or send me a download for the config file?

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