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SMOD:Opposing Force is a mod for Half-Life 2,that has all graphic,bullet time,destruction system,atmosphere features from SMOD and Half-Life:Opposing Force.It means,that you will feel all the coolest things.You will use your old weapons,you will fight will old enemies,you will meet you old friends,

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Fury_161 says

This was not worth releasing, not by any stretch of the imagination. I can see you just learned how to animate, but the proper course of action is not to release a "mod" right away. Work on your skills, and learn how animations work in-game. You have weapon animations wildly swinging across the screen constantly, which easily could have been fixed by adding additional idle animations with act_idle to help lower the percentage chance of long idles playing. There are a number of hideous vertex weighting errors on your NPC replacements as well.

You also didn't seem to take note that most of the default HL1/Opfor weapons do not have faces on the sides that aren't normally visible. In fact, you seem to be showcasing it.

I would take this mod down, it's embarrassing.


JonnyQuattro says

Sorry, I'm on duty Mr.Freeman.

The ladders don't work.
The animations are not great.
The maps are decompiled HL1:Source maps with added entities and re-compiled without some proper lighting.

You are going in the wrong direction.
Try not to release without properly making an actual demo to show.
This is an ALPHA practically a LEAK version since there is almost no playable content its just a mash up of maps and NPC's rigged with different models. I don't mean properly rigged either.

HL:S material has to be illegal content since there is no way valve would approve of this. Get rid of it.


Onemaster says


kritzrix22 says

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