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I'm using the .98 release.

Let me start by saying that the weapons themselves are enough to give this mod an exceptional score alone. Add the carnage dealt with the weapons, the wide variety of weapons available to the player, and the exceptional sound design for the weapons, and it becomes even better than the best mods out there.

This modification to Half-Life 2 is a dream-come-true for those seeking a good zombie-killing experience, one hell of an array of weaponry to dish out some blood-soaked death with, and a rip-roaring experience in good, old-fashioned ***-kicking weaponfire ownage.

Now, I get to the latter half of this review.

Since I got a .98 beta release, it obviously has bugs. ("The only good bug is a dead bug!") However, one of the most important bugs is the lack of an autosave feature, which would make having to quicksave a practically non-existant issue, especially if you go up against some really P.O.'d fast-mover grade zombies. No autosave means you get dropped right back at the beginning of Half-Life 2, listening to the GMan's infamous "welcome back" speech.

Also, another bug I uncovered was midway through Ravenholm, where, when quick-saving, the game crashed.

However, even with these two very important bugs, the mod itself, like I said, is a dream come true. Totally. It flat-out rocks!

A very enthusiastic 9/10!

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