==READ THIS NOW== I Do not take full credit for the creation of this Mod. Most of the credit goes to the old version of this Mod. THIS IS ONLY TO FIX ERRORS AND BUGS OF Smod-tactical AFTER THE HL2 MAY UPDATE! THE OLD TEAM HAS BEEN DISBANDED WITH NO FIX. WE ARE ONLY FIXING NOT MAKING. READ Description for more detail....

knightmare1386627011 says

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I really like this mod, for all the additions to the game that it add, I feel that this mod add a lot of stuff that changes HL2. This mod is at least a 9.0 if not a 10. I recommend this mod for anyone who wants to change how Half-Life2 feels, and that want more of a realistic game-play, and more of a challenge.

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This mod will turn Half-Life² into a realistic game with soft aiming that plausibly reminds you that you need to use Ironsights for precise aiming, and added screen effects like water and blood and a motion blur that some call terrible looking but others call awesome, but either way it masks a bad frame rate and you only see it if you are getting FPS under 40. This game is really fun and addicting. There is a in-gameplay setup map that lets you adjust enemy skill very precisely, as well as how…

Nov 9 2010 by WMan22