==READ THIS NOW== I Do not take full credit for the creation of this Mod. Most of the credit goes to the old version of this Mod. THIS IS ONLY TO FIX ERRORS AND BUGS OF Smod-tactical AFTER THE HL2 MAY UPDATE! THE OLD TEAM HAS BEEN DISBANDED WITH NO FIX. WE ARE ONLY FIXING NOT MAKING. READ Description for more detail....

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3 words for you FIX IS DONE

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Oh god am I tired. I really am. As soon as I found out the Forums were down and that no one found a fix or was telling us that there was one. So were does this news update leave us? with 1 thing. A fixed version of the mod. yes that's right the fix is done. Yes there might be a few things that might seems odd but it's just a sky box thats the wrong color. (ok it's just 1 sky box with the wrong code in the first map of ravenholm. (is that how you spell it?) it's set to sunset rather then night.)

OK so there is a question that I was asked a few days ago I was asked, "why is "Project Life" slapped at the end?". Because it's a fix. It's to bring life back into a Mod that almost died. Not only that But there is something that the team that I started with gave me. And that is an idea, nothing more nothing less but a simple idea. How does this come to deal with "Project life"? That answer will come to you in a few weeks.... unless you can figure it out your self?

I ask that you please click the track button over there ------->>>>>>>>.
to stay in tune with what happens to Smod:T and for more possible fixes to bugs.

The fix should be posted on Thursday or Friday with credit given to those who gave ideas to the fix. And I thank you for supporting me if you did, and even if you didn't I forgive you. As said before, I will be gone from July 14- Aug 4 any bugs or problems will have to wait, I will not have a computer or internet accesses to see or fix any thing.

Now i Leave you a hint.

"I give you a choice, Nothing More, nothing left. Each as dangerous as the next. To the left, to the right. traps and guns, rocks and bullets. Life or death it's your path. I give you one thing and one thing only. A choice".

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