“What would happen if we applied Earth 2150 to Homeworld?” -- Slipstream: The Price of Freedom is just that. Or, at least, was supposed to be just that. What started as a multiplayer combat simulator, ended as the first entry into the Slipstream universe.

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Hey all,

So this picture basically showing the Kurian Base, which acts as a Main Base. Obviously its the Lighthouse from the Homeworld 2 Campaign, but it's going to receive a bit of a re-skin to match the Kurians more. Basically, the Kurians use derelicts to build their ships, which is why they look beat up, but on the inside, they are manufacturing and miltary powerhouses. Kurian ships will be slow, but powerful. Relying on Fighters and Fast Frigates to cover the heavy ships while they assault the base. Also, if you look closely, the new icon system is showing the new "Unknown" ship tag. Notice how crisp and clean the icon is compared to the old one. Last thing of note is the new logo for screenshots.