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Yes this update is incredibly boring and probably going to be quite long, it is just progress on the planning of the mod as a whole and a little bit on what's done.

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Yes this update is incredibly boring and probably going to be quite long, it is just progress on the planning of the mod as a whole and a little bit on what's done.

First of all I've started using a program called articy:draft, which makes everything involving planning a dream, it has a fancy interface for what are essentially flow charts and that sounds so dull and boring but when you do dialogue for Skyrim it is a magical dream because dialogue is one thing it has specific tools for, I'll upload some screenshots of the actual flow of dialogue if anyone is interested. So far the whole quest line for the 'Good guys' side of the Stargate SG-1 and SGA modules have been set up, up until now I had done very little involving the actual way things move along but this program made me want to do it and get it out of the way in a couple of hours. I have completed the whole dialogue for the very first quest involving joining the first 'good guy' faction which I am sneakily not naming.

The writing up of all this in this way translates extremely well into the Creation Kit and will mostly be copy & pasting the dialogue and other information from one program to the other. The main difference being I can see how the conversation flows and the results of choosing certain topics a lot easier with the way articy:draft is designed. I've also been building up a database of characters, weapons, clothing, armour, items and everything else that will be added in the program. I actually got a little carried away with the Races which I plan to add and ended up with 68 for the Star Wars section alone as that happens to be how many which have a human-like body shape and face. Obviously not all of these will be playable and simply added for filler characters but at least a quarter of the 68 will be playable, the only restrictions being certain extreme appearances where boots would not be wearable.

Close to release I will upload a pdf with all the information from articy:draft so anyone can read into anything they like (apart from a few select bits of information I will blank out).

articy:draft also has a great location designer, basically allows you to have an underlay image of an area and you can use markers and shapes to display where npc's will stand, guard routes, important items, pretty much anything I would need to put in a map to remind me if need be. Considering I will likely be making a walkthrough for each module this will make it as simple as exporting the map as an image to pop into a pdf file as all the marks for everything important will be sitting there already.

Now I know a lot of people are likely not interested in any of this information as it is pretty much a basic rundown of how this program works more than anything but I guess some people might be and I haven't been able to get a lot done in the Creation Kit recently (paying rent is a bit more important), and I hadn't posted any news in I think about 2 months now. I know there's a lot of people waiting on this mod but I hope everyone realizes I am doing my best with the time I have to work on it. It's only taken me a few hours to get most of the current plans into this new program and in the long term this will help keep me organized and hopefully speed up the program.

For what has actually been done over the past 2 months, I have managed to complete most of the Tardis, I won't put up finished screens yet as it is something I want you to see properly when you see it in-game for the first time, I have always hated when a trailer or screenshot for something shows things which you would have experience better first time actually in the game so I'm trying to keep from doing that. Some problems though have led to me making a few very slight physical changes from the actual Tardis in the show mainly to do with collision and brain damaged followers.

I'm also going to quickly note that you will have no direct control over the Tardis. I decided quite a while ago that you as the player would be a companion, not a Time Lord. So when you want the Tardis to travel somewhere you have to speak to the Doctor (whichever one you are with at the time) to travel there and he will do it. There will be 5 Doctors in total, some will follow the visual appearance of some of the actual Doctor actors and the rest are fictional, one in fact is based on the Doctor from the mod for 'Star Wars: Jedi Academy' by Wystan which is called Doctor Who - War with the Invisible, which I highly suggest you all check out. Other characters I will confirm being in the Doctor Who module are the Master, K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith.

And for any of the Stargate fans, don't worry I am not stopping progress on one to work on other modules, I'm sharing my time between Stargate, Doctor Who and Star Wars equally to try and get a little content out for all three of those modules, Star Wars is by far the larges of the lot and certainly the most ambitious so I wouldn't expect much to come out for that module until the others are complete. In the next release (which I know I have talked about for far too long) I am trying very hard to get the SG-1 based quest line for Stargate done, the Tardis complete for Doctor Who, and a few playable races done for Star Wars alongside force powers and a player home in the form of a YT-1300 ship.

So far I'd say the Stargate target is at 70%, Doctor Who target at 40% and the Star Wars target at 20%. As long as all goes well with the rent for this month I'd expect the progress to pick up a bit more after the 10th as I might have a lot more time on my hands. Those percentages are simply estimates based on the models/textures complete and the CK work that has been completed too, the first release will have little to no voice acting as that is not a priority but I have been in contact with a couple of people who are willing to do voice for various parts so voice acting is definitely going to be in the final version.

Anyway I think I've wen't on for long enough, if you have any questions about the mod feel free to ask them by commenting here, private messaging me or even emailing me if you prefer ( Thanks to everyone who has been so patiently waiting for the mod to be released.



Great to get an update! Keep em coming!

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neronix17 Author

Anything specific you would like to know about in a news update? How starships are going to work is probably going to be next as it's going to be a pretty central system for Stargate and Star Wars. Especially in Star Wars as it is the only way to travel between worlds.

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wow what a lot of text.

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neronix17 Author

Yeah I need to get some new screens to put in the next post...

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