An ongoing overhaul of the RTS game Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2. Massive fleets, stats overhaul and changes, tweaks of abilities and a ton of other changes that affects both the Campaign mode and Skirmish mode.

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Well done, Skalgrim! Every faction feels powerful and reflects a different playstyle. There are more titan-ships, for every faction! Further, carrier-ships are useful thanks to faster and stronger aircraft.


Skalgrim is very talented. I work on the second VI mod, we may use some of his stuff!

The Titans really tear through the lesser classes, but can be tore through themselves by a few battleships with the new artillery-grade weapons so have fun and watch out!

You're wrong if you don't use this mod.


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An absolute Blast, bigger Fleets better Pointcosts for Ships that reflect differences in Size, stronger Weapons for bigger Ships and many more changes.
Alltogether they create a far more pleasing Game.

Eagerly awaiting the upcoming goodies:)


very good mod gave a new survival in the game leaving more dynamic


Wonderful rebalancing of the campaign, love the huge ship to ship action


Excellent mod. Does exactly what it says on the tin, and improves the game.

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