While the TEC, Advent and Vasari are embroiled in their own struggles for survival a new threat has emerged, intent on spreading it's infectious plague throughout the universe. The sickening ruthlessness in which entire populations are infected or destroyed is alarming to the TEC, Advent and Vasari alike. If the Plague wasn't enough they were immediately followed yet another race calling themselves the Nephilim. The initial encounter with the "Nephilim" held promise they would unite in defeating the Plague. However, Initial attempts at diplomacy have failed as the Nephilim seem single purposed in their pursuit of the Plague.

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Sins of the Fallen R6 for Diplomacy Introduces many new races and features to the Sins of a Solar Empire Universe. See the "read more +" for more information and *important* installation instructions. Due to the nature of the mod please include the contents of your EnabledMods.txt when reporting issues.

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Diplomacy 1.34

Please fully read the feature How To Install Sins of the Fallen R5 & R6 before attempting to activate the mod.

This version of the mod has very specific activation rules that if not followed will likely result in unexpected/unsupported behavior or a mini-dump (trust me you need to read the instructions to avoid these issues).

Sins of the Fallen R6 (Includes all content: core, races, addons, planets, militia)
Sins of the Fallen R6 (Baked) (Standalone single folder version, does not include addons, planets or militias)

Synopsis of R6


  • Multiple Languages supported for all String infos: German, French and Spanish (All Bing Translated)
  • Adds extended Pact tree for all factions
  • Adds new artifacts: Origin World and Pirate King
  • Re-balanced artifacts: All worlds have an discover-able artifact now
  • Adds new cracked planet mesh replacing dead asteroid
  • All Gas Giants are now colonizable (requires faction specific research)
  • Adds Random Encounters from GoaFan77's 4x mod (Available via special galaxy maps).
  • Many improvements/fixes for all factions


  • Adds SZO's Alliance Hidden Agenda capital ships into their own TEC based faction.
  • Beta version may have some issues with abilities/buffs


  • Updated Heavy, Light and LongRange shield mesh
  • Buffed all capital ships DPS
  • Buffed LRF DPS
  • Rebalanced pirate ship access to plunder tree and reduced research pre-requisites
  • Rebalanced mercenary ships LRF, Carrier and Heavy down 1 tier
  • Rebalanced Economy allows -80% population control to be slowly lifted as new orbital modules are built. Up to 60% can be lifted by building extractors, frigate factory, culture center, trade port and refinery. 20% can be lifted by building a capital ship factory or starbase (does not stack).
  • Colony capital can now capture enemy extractors (1/2/3) when colonizing a newly destroyed world.
  • New research subject makes planet upgrade cost less
  • Rogue worm hole generator can now target any planet
  • Shield generator now correctly shields ships at level 2 and 3


  • Adds matching shield meshes for frigates
  • Fixed issues with Nano Repair, Nano cloak and Precognition
  • Moved AntiFighter model to starbase constructor
  • Added new AntiFighter model
  • Added new Envoy model
  • Added new anti-module frigate and icons (Luc Znicenie Vel'Kost)
  • Updated descriptions for many research subject and abilities


  • Immortality now passive
  • Mask Presence no longer synchronized
  • Capital colonize buff time extended for planet population growth to 460/680/800 from 360/480/600
  • Adds ground armor, AM decrease on hyperspace, artifact cost decrease and research rate/cost decrease research subjects.


  • Plague Siege DamagePerBank:LEFT/RIGHT increased from 21 to 51
  • Thrall no longer synchronized
  • Infected Beam blast damaged nerfed
  • Growth stages research pre-req levels fixed to require 3
  • New Battle and Sad songs added
  • Changed Bile weapon to PLANETBOMBARDMENT weapon class type and change string entries to match
  • Adds new research for culture vision, planet health cost decrease, salvage debris and salvage efficiency


  • New Plague dialogue and unit sounds (Thanks IskatuMesk)


  • Added player load screen pictures for Plague, Nephilim, Archai, Rogue and Hypercorp
  • Adds new UI HUD's for Hypercorp, Rogue, Nephilim, Plague
  • Adds custom research pictures for all new factions
  • Most icons/buttons updated to be custom for new factions
  • Fixed texture on rogue fighter
  • Plague: Changed planet bombardment particle to Bile effect
  • Plague: Changes minShadow to reflect new data texture maps.


  • Artifact research re-balanced. Idea is all planets will support at minimum a low level artifact with some planets having access to higher level artifacts. The idea of artifacts is more about planet exploration now that may provide useful materials that improve your empire or possible alien relics that are less common.
    • Asteroids - Improve weapon damage/range
    • Ice - Improve AM reserves/regen
    • Desert - Improve culture/allegiance
    • Terran - Improve trade
    • DeadAsteroid - Improve bombing survivability
  • Adds new artifact that will only be present on starting home worlds (Origin Artifact). Controlling an origin homeworld grants a small increase to trade, ship build rate, module build rate, tax rate, culture spread and allegiance. Losing the home world loses access to these bonuses.
  • Adds new artifact Pirate King. Conquer and colonize a pirate planet to become a pirate king. Pirate kings can summon pirates to their cause (via ability on frigate factories currently).

AI Improvements

  • Research: Hidden AI research access added which will prompt the AI to research Durability and Weapon upgrades.
  • Star Base: An extra AI Only accessible Weapon upgrade added. This upgrade allows the AI to field more formidable Star Bases overtime.
  • Income improvements for AI are still handled by difficulty level.
  • Some abilities AM has been normalized to allow the AI to more effectively use all abilities.
  • Some targetting conditions changed to keep AI from wasting AM on inconsequential targets (for example: Nano Dissembler will only auto target Capital Ships or Star bases, micro will be required to target frigates).

Random Encounters

  • Vasari Pirate Patrol: A small patrol of Vasari ships are dispatched to an ionic storm after their crystal shipments start disappearing, with orders to retake the extractors and eliminate the pirate forces they find.
  • TEC Training Exercise: A newly formed TEC task force is practicing maneuvers in an isolated Asteroid field. While inexperienced, they will seek to protect their training grounds from any intruders.
  • Advent Exploration Force: A powerful psionic has sensed a disturbance at this seemingly barren asteroid, leading to a small exploration group to be sent to investigate.
  • TEC Mining Colony: This TEC mining company was forced out of its home market by bribes from a competitor, forcing it to sell its assets and charter a ship to take them into deep space to begin again on this Volcanic planet. While the miners have managed to fortify this planet more than others in the system, their mining skills may prove useful if you can take the planet for yourself.
  • Vasari Military Outpost: This ice planet hosts a large Vasari military development and supply base. In addition to linking the planet to the Vasari phase network and developing new weapons, several overseers and phase jump inhibitors have been deployed in an attempt to slow down the advancing unknown Vasari enemy. The extra military infrastructure on this planet makes it ideal for your own defensive outpost should you manage to take it from the Vasari central command.
  • Advent Promise Land: Discovery of a powerful hallucinogenic spice on this desert world has lead to a massive advent colonization effort. Several trade ports have been built to export the prized substance to share with the rest of the unity, and a powerful psionic has taken residence at the planet to further develop her powers. A few proselytizers have even declared this the successor to the original Advent home world, and are keen on spreading the unity throughout the system. While difficult to take, the spice on this planet will prove to be a valuable boost to your own trade network should you be successful.
  • Civilian City Port: A hub of commerce surrounds this planet.


  • Removed unnecessary pji, cannon shell and effect mesh copies to avoid mesh count upper limit
  • Various fixes to finish conditions on Abilities/Buffs
  • Fixed various mesh issues
  • maxSpaceMineCountPerPlayer decreased from 150 to 50 all planet entities
  • Adds quick start template for all factions
  • Normalized costs on various research subjects
  • Fixed erroneous research levels on various research subjects
  • Flagships: Support capitals removed from random flagship selection. Colony as 2/5 chance to spawn
  • Moons: Moons may spawn at Terrans, Desert, Gas Giant, Volcanic and Ice. Multiple moons may spawn at Terrans and Gas Giants. Moons spawned at neutral worlds are captured via colonizers. Moons are automatically converted to star bases once captured.
  • Moons: No longer start with weapons. Reduced to missiles only with second level upgrade increasing weapon damage.
  • Moons: Can only be captured by colony frigates (no scouts!).
  • Moons: May now appeared on uncolonized gravity wells. Terrans, Deserts and GasGiants may spawn more than one moon.
  • Artifacts: Fixed second weapon upgrade to include 2 upgrade level.


Maybe this has been asked before but, any plans on expanding to Rebellion when it's released?

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ZombiesRus5 Author

Yes, I have general plans to move to rebellion. I've been watching/playing the Beta and analyzing the new changes they've put in. I just don't have any set goals yet on what I want to do with Rebellion. Working on getting the Diplomacy release as complete as I can at the moment.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Okay nice to hear that, I've just been playing the beta with my friend and I kinda like it. The Titan really are titans, they are a force to be reckoned with. And Somehow it seems less laggy at some points and not so heavy on my computer as original sins and the expansions. But take your time, I've yet to explore the whole beta, so I reaaaaally don't need anything more to play right now than Rebellion, Diablo III and E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZombiesRus5 Author

I agree... I've been playing the Rebellion Beta too. Other than breaking down the new modding capabilities into my Eclipse tool, I'm not real interested in modding it yet. I'd rather have some fun with it and let things settle in a bit. There's always time to mod rebellion later this year.

The focus right now is getting what I have done as polished as I can for Diplomacy. I'm not adding any more new features, so the emphasis is on getting this as close to done as I can for a mod. I've already made a couple tweaks internally based on some feedback from this release.

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If you do decide to add this to Rebellion, would you split the custom races into two factions each like the base game, or keep them the same?

I'm no modder so i don't know how much effort it would take to do that, although I imagine making 2 custom titans for each custom race would be very time consuming.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZombiesRus5 Author

I won't be splitting my factions up into Rebel/Loyalists. I will be adding Titans and corvettes though to balance out with the current factions. And your dead on with the time consuming part. I'll do good to get a respectable titan mesh for each faction.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Now the Hypercorp titan is the one im drooling to see
as they are somewhat like the Ancients from stargate :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is the Battle star Galactica mod going to be compatible

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