This mod is a conversion of the game Eve Online to Sins of a Solar Empire.

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News about the mod development, future features and more!

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Hello Guys, kabivel here!

Our mod is almost in 1.0!

Many people jointed the team to help bring this to us.

We have many improvements like jumping animations fixes and iincreased capital ship capacity!

Join us the discord to chat and asked for features!

The mod now is hosted on Github, which means that you can update our version of the mod with 0 day updates and Fixes.

I also created a discord room for everyone who wants to chat, bug report or give your feedback about the Mod.
What the future holds ?

Next steps for mod is listed below:

1 – T3 Cruisers

2 – Pirate Factions as Playable races

3 - New maps with lots of PVE contet!

Stay Tuned for the next updates!

Direct Download link -
Github link for the MOD -
Discord link for chat and other things.


question, is there a way for you to make CONCORD ships the militia? And are you going to make Sansha the pirates? (Eventually)

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This would be amazing to see. And the Sansha are already the pirates!

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kabivel Author

CONCORD will be the milita

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I have done some tweaking with your mod Kaivel, i have taken all units that surpass 100% mitigation and reduced it so that they cant, i have changed the IHUD s for the minmitar so they are now minmitar instead of amarr. I have changed some of the numbers around in terms of DPS to even things up a bit as the Minmitar dreadnaught has 4 x the DPS of the revelation. I have got this version if you would like me to send it to you, i have gone through it with a fine toothpick and just changed anything that is OP or out of snch. Additionally i thought i might add the the AI is not as good as it should be, im crushing cruel AIs with ease, not sure if this is something to do with the coding but i can only alter the existing mods units.

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i have no idea what you have done with this new addition, but its now all over the place, im making so much money.... the cost to research anything is now pennies, the capitols are now out of sych with the subcaps, dreadnaughts have the same effective hp as the previous super capitols. Like what is going on!?

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what do you mean i can only have 16 capitols

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JoeyUK Creator

Howdy! Just to let you know that this mod has had major updates recently. Check out our Discord chat here:

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