This mod adds a new faction (DkR/Dark Reavers, the name of my gaming clan) to Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion and also enhances all weapon effects and sounds of the existing factions. The DkR faction was originally mechanically identical to the Advent Rebel faction, but has gradually become completely different.

Gul-Dukat(tech) says

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A nice visual re-hashing of an existing race. Looks pretty and the particle effects are quite good.
Hopefully the author will soon have a go at producing a new tech tree for his race making them distinct from the Advent. In the case of this happening, I'll need to revise my review.
6 out of ten, because in spite of the reasonable visuals (borrowed from other sources, but skinned with a distinct colour scheme) the new race brings nothing new to the gameplay at the moment.

Edit: A good start has been made at customising the race in order to make it a distinct entity. I've changed my score to 8 our of ten, based on the assumption that the overhaul continues on the progress it's made so far

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