The First Age of the Sun and Moon is perhaps the most eventful timeline within the works of JRR Tolkien. It is steeped in theological and philosophical themes, while retaining the epic scale that most are accustomed to when they think of Tolkien. Our hope is to recreate, as accurately as possible, the words and ideas of the author into the Total War universe. As there is yet to be any concrete display of what we believe to be the greatest and most thought-provoking age within the world of Arda, here is to you Silmarillion: Total War.

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Preliminary roster for the Sons of Feanor, with a few Edain units still to come!

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The Sons of Feanor

To some the Sons of Fëanor are tragic figures, noble, in their own way, in their dogged pursuit of the Silmarils, loyal to their father and their oath to a fault. To others their avarice and ruthlessness was a chief cause for Melkor’s ultimate victory in the north and the ruin of Beleriand and the kingdoms of the Eldar. Wherever you stand on the Sons, none can deny that they were among the mightiest warriors of the First Born. After the coming of the Noldor to Beleriand and Thingol’s discovery of the first Kinslaying, the Sons of Feanor removed to the east of Beleriand. Much of the lands held by the Sons were wide, flat plains, making them the ideal routes for invaders from Angband seeking to plunder the lands south of Lothlann.

Consequently the Sons of Fëanor kept great strength of cavalry in the plains which allowed them to project their power across their vast domain and safeguard the lands behind them.In Silmarillion: Total War, the Sons of Fëanor are the elven faction which most specializes in their cavalry. Fittingly, they have access to all types of cavalry including melee, bow, javelin and even knight cavalry variants. However, the rash, often extreme actions of the Sons alienate potential allies among both the Noldor and the Sindar. As a result, the House of Fëanor command the smallest armies among the princes of the Eldalië. This political reality is reflected in the smaller than average unit sizes of the Son’s infantry battalions. However the Sons of Feanor’s followers are exceptionally armored, even by the standards of the Noldor, owing to the legacy of their father. As such the House of Feanor are one of the few factions in Silmarillion Total War who armor upgrades and advanced plate armor.

Finally, the Sons of Fëanor do not stand alone in their fight against Morgoth and those who would withhold their inheritance from them. The Edain of the House of Haleth stand with the House of Fëanor, lending their strength to the cause. The warriors of the Haladin bring spears, javelins, and archers in support of their Noldorin allies, as well as stealth traits and bonuses in the woods. Much like the Noldor of the Sons however the Haladin are few in number relative to other Edain. Together they are a formidable alliance that strike fear into the hearts of all who stand in the way of the fulfillment of the Oath.


Footmen of Himring (Basic Sword and Board):

The fortress on Himring was built when the Sons of Fëanor went east after Thingol became aware of the Kinslaying. It was the chief fortress of Maedhros, eldest of the Sons of Fëanor, from which he guarded the north-eastern border region that became known as the March of Maedhros. The fortress stood firm through the Dagor Bragollach, and many survivors from the surrounding regions, including Maedhros' brother Maglor, rallied there. In the battle the Orcs had taken the Pass of Aglon, but Maedhros was later able to retake the Pass using the forces from Himring. Himring's fortress remained for centuries, until the Nirnaeth Arnoediad; it's possible that it was forsaken, as the sons of Fëanor would no longer have had the strength to man it, had they so chosen. The shields in this image will be swapped out at later date to match the other Feanorian units. Upgraded armor follows.

Warriors of Himlad

Sons of Feanor Upgrade

Marksmen of Himring (Standard Archer):

Himring was a hill in the northeast of Beleriand. It was east of the Pass of Aglon and west of Maglor's Gap. The greatest hill of that region, it was wide-shouldered, treeless, with a flattened summit, and surrounded by numerous lesser hills. After the drowning of Beleriand at the end of the First Age, the peak of Himring remained above the waves. Upgraded armor follows.

Marksmen of Himring

Sons of Feanor Upgrade2

Thargelion Stalkers (Edain):

The Sindar called this land Talath Rhúnen. After the Rebellion of the Noldor this was the land of Caranthir, one of the Sons of Fëanor, and after him it was often called Dor Caranthir, "Caranthir's Land". There Caranthir met the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains.The Haladin briefly dwelt here independently, near the river Ascar, until they were nearly wiped out in an Orc-raid. Caranthir offered to their leader, Haleth, part of his land, but she refused and instead she led her people to Brethil.During the Dagor Bragollach, Orcs broke the defenses of Maglor's Gap defiled Helevorn and ravaged all Thargelion. Caranthir fled to the south. Caranthir later gave some of his former lands to Uldor. This is a unit representing the Haladin while they dwelt in the area.

Thargelion Stalkers

Rangers of Helevorn (Edain):

Helevorn was the deep, mountain-shaded lake in northern Thargelion at the foot of Mount Rerir. A stream flowed from its southwest corner into the Greater Gelion. After the return of the Noldor to Middle-earth the people of Caranthir dwelt about the lake. Its waters were defiled by Orcs during the Dagor Bragollach ("Battle of Sudden Flame"). It was destroyed in the War of Wrath along with Mount Rerir, though it partially survived. Helevorn Rangers

Helevorn Shieldbearers (Edain):

After the Return of the Noldor to Middle-earth, the Sons of Fëanor occupied the northward lands of East Beleriand. Of these it was the fourth son Caranthir who settled the region around the lake itself, farthest north and east of all the brothers. Caranthir himself built halls on the lake's northern shore, and his people constructed dwellings beside Helevorn and southward through the lands that came to be known as Dor Caranthir, the 'Land of Caranthir'. Being the easternmost settled Elves of Beleriand, they explored eastward over the Blue Mountains, coming into contact with the Dwarves beyond and trading with them.

Helevorn Shieldbearers. Heavily armored warriors of the House of Haleth, these troops have the twofold distinction of being the only front line foot spear available to the Sons of Feanor, as well as the only heavy infantry unit fielded by the Haladin. As such they play an important support role within the armies of the seven brothers, defending infantry and supporting allied mounted units. Made using CoweringComa's Rohirrim units, as well as the shield from Rhudaur Berserkers in Reforged.

Defenders of Aglon (Two-handed Shock):

Two of the Sons of Fëanor, Celegorm and Curufin, heavily fortified this area, augmented by extra forces in Himlad. About ten leagues to the east, the pair's elder brother Maedhros had built upon the Hill of Himring his stronghold, thus protecting this weak point in the chain of kingdoms created by the Noldor after the Dagor-nuin-Giliath (Battle-under-Stars). In F.A. 455 during the Dagor Bragollach Orcs broke through Celegorm and Curufin's fortifications, leaving Maedhros' stronghold the centre for re-grouping of Fëanor's sons. They later took back the Pass. However, after Nirnaeth Arnoediad in 472 the Sons of Fëanor were scattered, the Pass of Aglon fell under Morgoth's domination, and it was garrisoned by Orcs. The Pass was never recovered, along with all of the land of northern Beleriand. Upgraded armor after.

Defender of Aglon 1

Aglon Swords Upgrade


Riders of Aglon (Heavy Horse Archers):

The Pass of Aglon (or just Aglon), also called the Gorge of Aglon, was the pass between Dorthonion and the uplands west of Himring, to the north-east of Beleriand. It was about six leagues in length, with the western side bordering the Dorthonion Plateau rising in very high steep walls. It was chilly since a bitter wind continuously blew through the pass from the lands to the north.

Riders of Aglon

Mounted Wardens of Aglon (Heavy Lancer Cav):

"Between Himring and Dorthonion there was a pass, exceeding steep upon the west, and that was the Pass of Aglon, and was a gate unto Doriath; and a bitter wind blew ever through it from the north. But Celegorm and Curufin fortified Aglon and held it with great strength, and all the land of Himlad southward between the River Aros that rose in Dorthonion and his tributary Celon that came from Himring. [The] scouts of Aglon had marked the riding of Maeglin and Aredhel to the Fords of Aros, and Curufin... came south from the Pass and encamped near the Fords."

Aglon Lancers

Himring Javelin Cav (Name to be changed):

Himring Jav Cav

Roqueni Magloro (Knights of Maglor):

The sons of Fëanor settled in the eastern part of Beleriand. Maglor's ward was the opening in the hills between the two arms of the Gelion River which acquired the name of Maglor's Gap. Due to the lack of hills the Gap was a natural route for attacks from the north and the Noldor kept a strength of cavalry in that region. This is the cavalry supremacy unit for the Sons of Feanor!

Roqueni Magloro

Thank you all for your initial support! The Sons of Feanor are shaping up to be an awesome faction. There will be two more Edain units added to the roster in the near future as well. The next update will have the Doriath roster by Synn of the DarkCloud. Please be sure to follow us on our discord as well as here on moddb!

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