The Silent Threat: Reborn project is one that improves on the original Silent Threat campaign by removing out-of-place missions, fixing buggy missions and fleshing out the campaign's story. We don't make things. We make them better.

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HLP forum member Darius reviews Silent Threat: Reborn

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Had a sneak peek of the campaign, finished it recently.

Wonderful high-quality missions, storyline and dialogue. This is a piece of work the ST:R team should be proud of. Missions were impeccably paced, intense (sometimes a little too much so; those damn Lokis were the death of me for more times I can count) and varied. The final battle was especially epic. It really did feel like we were throwing everything we had in a desperate battle (it was probably the feeling of being outnumbered and outgunned that did the trick). Did I mention Lokis? They were numerous, menacing and slippery little buggers to dogfight. I think they've traumatised me to the point that I'll be twitching involuntarily in the future every time I see them in a mission.

Oh, and the Zeus was useful for once, which is always nice. I like that ship.

If I had to be niggly, I'd mention the end-of-mission dilemmas that would crop up occasionally that most likely resulted in my death or the death of that which I'm trying to protect which left me having to restart the mission all over again, but then I'd see the hypocrisy in that statement and end up retracting it. :)

Another great addition to the campaigns out there, a must-play and an instant classic. This is what Silent Threat should have been.

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