PREPARE FOR WAR- Whether you play as the delusional Taiping Heavenly King or against, the outcome of war can never be guaranteed. The course of history relies on your ability to lead your troops through the world's deadliest civil war.

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ironblooden says

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Very good game,it truly revises the fall of Qing Dynasty


jupitris says

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Despite its a better version with the original, it still inherent the same flaw and issue. Two of the well known problem I encounter is that playing the Qing court is almost impossible while the assassin freeze the game.

With the patch has been installed the game work better and most of the known bug has been solved. Siege battle however still feels a bit lackluster. The plaza location and city structure makes it a bit disappointing since the wall doesn't feel like a building wall. One of example is when the British attack their infantry somehow can shoot through my unit inside the plaza which was covered by structure wall. And somehow the river part inside the settlement is behaving like a cliff when the camera pan or roll over it.


Bryce581 says

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Very fresh and unique mod for medieval 2 and it's well polished. Great amount of assets in use, plenty of units that are very distinctive, and the map is great! Loving it so far, excited to maybe see some balance patches or unit updates later. Well done!


ERANSHAR0504 says

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Didn't played through the campaign yet, but except the hotseat everything is working fine for me..Nice mod^^

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