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Big annoying text!

If you wish to speak with the team, please join the official-sidescroller steam communitypage

Or visit the sidescroller forums!

Or you can visit the website here for more info!


Or you can email the team at . We'll always try to reply on emails.


Here is some info about SideScroller :


SideScroller (SS for short) is a Half Life 2 mod for the source engine. Remember the good ol' days with games like Mario and stuff? We're here to bring those good ol' days back with a sidescrolling game. :)

The story :

You're just a basic, random kid heading home. On your way home, you find a excavation site, you decide to check it out. Inside, you find a artifact. Which teleports you away, to an offworld place. There you meet some mysterious person. The mysterious man steps forward, and offers you a quest. He's not saying what kind of quest, nor if it is dangerous, nor what you'll exactly have to do. He only tells you to head into a direction and to follow the path. If you'll complete the quest, you'll be rewarded with a trip back to your town. You're adventure starts here...

Features :

  • Unique sidescrolling game
  • Cartoony look
  • Power-up system
  • Vast amount of unique levels
  • Platforming elements
  • Comedy influenced


Looking for :

  • Skinner
  • Animator
  • Texture artist (Cartoony textures. Example of work is a must)
  • Mappers

For all these 'jobs' applies the following : You do not need to be a pro. We can 'babysit' you if you're having problems, and if we have the ability to do so.

Note : We won't pay you for your services, this is a mod and not a professional game/studio.

Requirements :

  • MSN (Active on it, too)
  • At least some experience with modding
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Motivation

What we have to offer you:

  • The chance to work on a (hopefully) popular mod
  • A great team (At least 50% of the team agrees!)
  • Wacky MSN conversations!
  • Fun! (orly? yarly!)

Can you take the heat? Get in the kitchen at


RSS Articles



First of all, i'll start with the teammembers.

Joined :

Major Osilo, a C++ coder. Also hosts the forums for us :)

Dezartfox, our concept artist.

nexthoudini, a texture artist 

Taylor2oo, rejoined 

Left :

Limagic, mapping

Xtreme, graphics

Ultima, coder.

And now to the point : The announcements!

Well, we've decided to make the graphics look cartoony. Like in TF2 and XIII. We'll have a media post soon, displaying the new cartoony look of the mod. We've also changed the story of the mod, please read the summary to find it out.  After a test level is finished, we'll be releasing a video showcasing some elements.

All things are good now, especially since we have a coder now. This isn't such a exciting newspost, but atleast it's our first one since we changed to 2008 :) Hope ya'll had a great christmass and new year's eve. 

Greetings, The SideScroller Team. 

New teammembers !

New teammembers !


We have 2 new teammembers, a texture+skinner+photoshopper. His name is Xtreme. And also a coder, UltimaDude.

New teammember and steam community group.

New teammember and steam community group.


We have a new teammember, after our former mapper got kicked, and a new community group! Check inside for more info.

New teammember + more

New teammember + more


Hey everyone! We now have a new teammember. His name is RedRoqueXIII. Some screenshots, and a little "announcement"

Another look.

Another look.


Yep. We changed our look, again. We decided that what we had really isn't cool afterall. Our style is now more platform-ish. Also, we have a story now.

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CheeseFrog Creator

Been almost a year, and still not a single application. Guess it's dead then :(

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CheeseFrog Creator

Well, it's kinda zombie-ish
Chuz was indeed trying to convince me to do it again, but I'd be in need of a serious mapper or something. And a coder to fix the 2D camera, I lost all sourcecode.. don't ask. Oh, and, me and a ex-mapper were talking 'bout redoing it a while ago, but he was thinking of multiplayer... I dunno. So anyway, if one reads this and is like "OMG I WNTZ 2 WURK LOL ON TIHZ LOL ACIPT MI LOL!!!! :G:G:D:D:AERwAWWARwa" then, totally hit me up on mah email, petrit_10 [ at ] hotmail [ dot ] com

Reply Good karma+1 vote

the mod is inactive atm, but may come back soon ill convice the cheese

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Smells dead. Still alive? *knock* *knock*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CheeseFrog Creator

Btw, as you may know (If you saw the site), my PC exploded. And yesh, its serious. We still have the mod files, so dont worry. Anyway, applications etc may not be answered due to me being on my PS3 (PSN = cheesefrog if you want to contact me using that) and the internet browser sucks. I have linux on it, but its slow and kinda meh to use and boot. I suggest you post something on the forums, link is on this page, and I'll get someone to contact you. In the mean time, I'll be having to get myself a new Pc which will be tough (Lazy teenager, no work, gta4 and time crisis 4 coming up :'( ) and so it might take a while. Anyway, later - CheeseFrog

Reply Good karma+1 vote
CheeseFrog Creator

Woo, website launched.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
CheeseFrog Creator

Hey guys, sorry for no updates/media releases. We had a tough period :/
Anyway, there are new forums up :

Reply Good karma+1 vote
CheeseFrog Creator

Oh and btw, we're still looking for mappers. For some 'secret' project. I'll explain it all once you've applied. You can basicly only do a part for it, and leave. Or finish it all, then leave. Or continue working on the mod. Choice is up to you.

Reply Good karma+1 vote


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CheeseFrog Creator

Don't use caps, you're hurting mah feelings D:
But I did update, help wanted section etc.
Which is about to update, AGAIN.
Sorry for the inconvience.

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