You are Otis, the fat security man. After the Black-Mesa incident, you must run away Black-Mesa with your colleagues.

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To short. Brahs-work at start is very good, but at end most of maps are cubic. I dont understand the last scene :(. Hmm, some intereted about Water crane (DONT USE WATER!). Mod ratting 5/10 (C)

It's old but still playable.


lag when going in and out of water
water level disapeared inside bathroom in begining.
walk boundaries (ex. couldn't move in front of a gaurd when he unlocks a door for you in the beginning)
i do like the storyline and the things you added though.

A lot of bugs,short,bad maping

cannot understand the french, just ignored the speech and speed ran the mod

Just another stupid mod!


LeoJFC says

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Excellent and very entertaining

Too many bugs and bad ending.

good job

LOVED IT. Loved how you used the Original Half Life characters

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