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Shattered Horizons is a team-based modification for Half-Life 2, based in a fantasy medieval setting. A meteor is rocketing towards the planet's surface, and the only hope is to teleport to safety. Each of the two team starts out with four Crystal Shards (used to power portals), and their ultimate goal is to get all (eight) of the shards into their base to activate their portal. Each player is only able to carry a single crystal at a time. The teams are also equipped with an armory - it starts out with a few basic weapons (Short Bow, Dagger, etc) which players can choose from to spawn with. Players are restricted to certain types of items based on their classes: Fighter, Ranger, Thief or Sorceror. The items that players may spawn with is dependant on the amount of crystal shards in their portal, more crystals allows better items. Weapons can be enchanted to one of three elements via magical shrines. These elements are Fire, Ice and Lightning. Elements affect the damage type of the...

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Shattered-Horizons Media Release 1

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Initial Alpha Testing has begun, and so far everything seems to be running smoothly. No major problems have appeared, and only a few bugs have been found...

Alpha Testing


We are very close to performing our first true alpha tests! While the game is still lacking most visual and audio assets, enough gameplay code and weapons...

Mod Update


From the whole of the Shattered Horizons development team we would like to thank everyone for voting for us! Holy cow, second spot in 'Best Non-player...

Move Confirmed


We are definately moving to Half-Life 2. There are just so many aspects of the new engine we could take advantage of, that it was hard to resist. We've...

Move to Half Life 2


We've *almost* made the decision to move to Valve's new Half-Life 2 Source engine. The final decision will not be made until the Half-Life 2 SDK has been...

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